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D'Arcy Vanderpool, MA, MFT, PCC
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3-part Mini Course – Finding your love and happiness again

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About D’Arcy Vanderpool, MA, MFT, PCC

D'Arcy Vanderpool, MA MFT - Couples Therapy Las Vegas
D’Arcy Vanderpool is passionate about helping people achieve happiness and well-being in their lives, relationships, and careers.  She helps clients achieve their goals so they don’t have to “settle” for less than what they want.

Her talent for quickly zeroing in on a problem and creating positive, do-able solutions make her the perfect choice for people who want to create real joy and fulfillment in their lives.

D’Arcy is a recognized relationship advisor, best-selling author, visionary coach, and marriage and family therapist.  Since 1975, thousands of her Las Vegas clients have benefited from her experience, wisdom, humor, and especially her positive take on life.

Whether you want help with your marriage, personal relationships, or business challenges, D’Arcy is the relationship expert who will help you find your love and happiness again.

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Ready for More Happiness?

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What Clients Are Saying About D’Arcy…

“We entered her office with so much pain, and left with so much happiness and hope.”

“The journey of marriage counseling is at once terrifying & painful, yet ultimately completely transforming. When my husband and I started with D’Arcy, I really didn’t think we were going to make it. I was developing my “exit plan” and my husband was about to start anew.

“After a few months of time, however, D’Arcy’s gentle & loving manner changed the way we communicated with each other, and woke us up. We entered her office with so much pain, and left with so much happiness and hope.

“Years later, we are still in the place that D’Arcy helped us find, and we will forever be grateful. We could be her biggest fans!”

Couple, ages 46 and 48
Business Owners

“I’m re-married (3 years) to a fantastic man and have the job of my dreams.”

“D’Arcy coached me about 6 years ago (time flies), and I have to thank her for all of the help she was to me in that period of my life.  I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without it. So thanks from the bottom of my heart. I’m doing really well: D’Arcy helped me get through my confusion, depression, and difficulties with my employees at work.

“She helped me refocus on a new career and empowered me to achieve more things of importance to me.

“I’m re-married (3 years) to a fantastic man and have the job of my dreams.”

Female, age 33

“D’Arcy has done so much –
more than we could have ever imagined!”

“This private Life Design session was exactly what we needed for our business right now! D’Arcy has done so much – more than we could have ever imagined!  We will never be able to thank her enough!! A special thanks for just listening to us!

We have SO much going on and just to hear her perspective and words of wisdom meant so much to both of us.  We respect D’Arcy so much – and love her even more, so please know how much she helped and mentored us.

“We will make our goals – we have faith and confidence in our abilities. Sometimes it just takes looking at our circumstances from a different angle to appreciate what we have done so far – and to help build confidence (by the evidence) that we have what it takes to become even more successful and happy. D’Arcy means the world to us!

“P.S. 2 years later: we made our financial goals and won honors for our leadership!

Couple, ages 48 and 55
International Business Owners 

“I found the love of my life. . . The kids are excelling. . . and I am on the path to a new and wonderful career”

“When I attended this Happiness seminar I didn’t really know what it was that was not “right” in my life beside feeling discontent and unhappiness. It turns out that I was lost from myself, and I needed a guide to help me orient my soul back to me and to choose a direction that would bring meaning to my life.

“This seminar was the turning point in my life where I was able to construct the steps necessary to see that change was possible and to feel hope again. It was the best thing I ever did.

“I found the love of my life; I never knew love could be so wonderful! The kids are excelling, my relationships have grown and improved, and I am on the path to a new and wonderful career. I am opening up a veteran farm where soldiers can come for PTSD treatment and receive vocational rehab so they can go on to work on a farm or start their own farms.

“I am getting so much support on this dream already. I am so excited.  Everything has transformed, I am a better person and my life is now filled with great meaning and joy. Thank you D’Arcy!!! ”

Female, age 45
Professional and World Traveler

“D’Arcy helped me get through my personal journey as well as getting my marriage back.”

“I was referred to D’Arcy by my best friends. I was in such a depression, drinking way too much and having several affairs. I felt my personal life was disastrous while my professional life was flourishing.

D’Arcy had extensive experience in the field of relationships which, combined with an insightful, straight-forward, no-nonsense approach, made her a perfect choice for me.

“I’m forever grateful she had the patience to help me face my reality. She was the right therapist to help me get through my personal journey as well as getting my marriage back.”

Male, age 59 

“Before I met D’Arcy, I was a measly researcher. Now I am on TV and radio.”

“Thank heavens for D’Arcy and her strong goal orientation. I had been thinking about crafting new 5 year goals. Then, with D’Arcy’s excellent example, I knew I could get them done. The Connecticut School of Broadcasting awarded me a 50% scholarship to attend their 4-month program. How else was I going to achieve my goal of becoming a media personality?

“Just think about it, before I met D’Arcy, I was a measly researcher. Now I am on TV and radio and present all around the country teaching others how to imagine their future and take tiny steps toward it.

“Thanks for the retreats!”

Female, age 49
Motivational Speaker and Author