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Today, Tomorrow, and for Years to Come

By the end of the first session…

  • You’ll know exactly what’s sabotaging your relationship and keeping it from becoming the marriage of your dreams.
  • You’ll learn about these hidden obstacles in a fun and light-hearted way.
  • You’ll have a prioritized plan for repairing your relationship.
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She knows how to cut to the chase and recognizes the problem in a blink-of-an-eye. Thank you for helping our marriage stay healthy and loving.

2nd marriage pre-marital couple, ages 52 and 46


90% Success Rate

Saving Marriages

My success with couples therapy is partly because I’m able to quickly identify the deeper issues and patterns that are sabotaging a couple’s relationship.

Most people, including therapists, simply can’t see this. But I see it in the very first session. I’ll get to the heart of the matter quickly and take you through your goals with insight, enthusiasm and positivity.

By the end of your first session you’ll have hope and a totally new perspective on your relationship.

Why Couples Choose D'Arcy

My couples therapy clients usually begin with a story about how their friend referred them saying I was genuine, straight-forward and direct. I like to joke and tease my clients into mental health!

I will tell it to you like it is with humor. Marriage counseling is a serious business, but I believe we might as well have fun doing it.

Rapid Results

Accomplish months worth of therapy in just a few days

Proven Methods

Science-based methods proven 70-90% effective in clinical trials

Specialized Expert

Uses the Gottman method, Accelerated Couples Therapy, and Relational Life Therapy.

Flexible Programs

Choose weekly counseling sessions and/or an accelerated therapy program

D’Arcy is right on, an awesome therapist. My husband and I have so much to appreciate in one another, truly. It must be why we’ve been married for nearly 28 years! D’Arcy’s enriching feedback and intuitive help in such a brief time was amazing.

Female, age 66

Retired Professional

Ready for a Happy Marriage?

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40 Years Experience

Specialized Expert

In Marriage Counseling
and Couples Therapy
D'Arcy Vanderpool with clients in couples therapy in Las Vegas

I specialize in working with couples who have seen other therapists and were not pleased with the process or results.

Pre-marital Counseling

Create a happy foundation for a marriage that will last. Improve communication, set realistic expectations, and develop healthy conflict management skills.

Christian Marriage Counseling

Want marriage counseling based on Biblical principles? As an ordained minister, I'll help you work through complex issues in alignment with your values and faith.

Affair Repair

Have you or your partner had an affair? Begin healing your relationship with honest communication and the rebuilding of trust.

Sex Therapy

Are you having sexual problems or one of you is uninterested? There are resources to help you address your specific sexual issues.

LGBT Couples Therapy

I've helped many gay, lesbian, and bisexual couples have a happy relationship for the past 40 years. I can help you with the unique issues you may be facing.

Friendly Divorce

When couples decide they cannot repair the marriage, we work together to establish goals and strategies to accomplish a divorce that is not adversarial.

Couples Therapy Las Vegas

Services & Retreats

Marriage Counseling

Have a happy marriage next month with Dr. Happiness.

Most traditional marriage counseling doesn’t work. (I know that sounds strange coming from a marriage and family therapist.) But most therapists simply don’t have the specialized training and experience necessary to help couples.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my career to developing the skills and experience necessary to help couples repair their relationship FAST using Accelerated Couples Therapy, a science-based method that is proven effective up to 90% in clinical studies.

All sessions are personalized to fit your unique relationship needs, and open to couples and individuals in a committed relationship.

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling
Private Marriage Retreat in Las Vegas

Private Marriage Retreats

Transform your marriage in just a few days with D’Arcy in a private marriage retreat in Las Vegas.

The Marriage Happiness Retreat is so much more than just a getaway to Las Vegas. Sure, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all the entertainment and luxury that Las Vegas has to offer. But we’ll also spend 2 days working through issues in your marriage in a fun and light-hearted way. You’ll leave feeling hope and positive about your relationship’s future.

More than a romantic Las Vegas getaway, it’s a chance to create the marriage of your dreams.

Marriage Workshops

Making Marriage Work Workshop with Dr. Happiness

Your Ticket to a Happy Marriage in 30 Days… even if D’Arcy is booked months in advance.

Making Marriage Work Workshop is a live, 4-class, in-person workshop series that helps couples dramatically enrich their relationship in 30 days without 1:1 counseling. It’s perfect for committed couples in long-term relationships who want to work personally with me, get immediate relationship help, and go beyond just the Gottman Method for couples therapy.

It works great for all types of couples: from couples considering engagement to couples married for decades.

Making Marriage Work Workshop couple image

My husband and I were heading into a direction that I felt could not be recovered. It was the typical story, married almost 10 years with kids and high power jobs driving us apart. D’Arcy has truly saved our marriage and extended our love story.

Couple, ages 38 and 42

D'Arcy Vanderpool, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Las Vegas, NV

D’Arcy Vanderpool, MA, MFT, PCC
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Happiness

About D'Arcy Vanderpool

D’Arcy Vanderpool is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified coach, best-selling author, and nationally recognized relationship expert featured on radio and television. She’s helped thousands of couples over the last 40 years find love and happiness again.

She’s dedicated her career to developing the skills necessary to help couples save their relationships fast. Using Accelerated Couples Therapy, her clients can accomplish months of therapy in just a few days.

Her 90% success rate makes her an in-demand therapist for celebrity and high-profile professionals. And her clients have flown into Las Vegas to work with her from all over the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

“It is amazing to help couples who are ready for divorce turn the direction of their marriage and be in love again.”

Since 1975, clients have benefited from her experience, wisdom, humor, and especially her positive take on life.

Gottman Certified Seven Principles Leader Badge for Making Marriage Work Workshop - D'Arcy Vanderpool
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D'Arcy Vanderpool is a Certified Clinical Fellow with American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
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My Life Partner and I starting counseling sessions with D’Arcy 16 years ago to work on our relationship. Thanks to D’Arcy, we have been happily committed, living together for over 15 years, and married for five! She’s become a trusted and valued coach and therapist for many members of our families, perhaps the best recommendation.

Couple, age 55 and 57

CEOs and Humanitarians
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