2014 Stepping Stones to Holiday Happiness

George and I have had some wonderful trips recently – both to Utah and to San Diego. Our Thanksgiving was filled with family fun, spanning 4 generations. I immediately feel old when I say that and then go right back into my young self.

Getting older has been quite an experience! Aging isn’t one I quite know yet…With each year comes a bit more wisdom. And more mistakes from which to learn. I hope I can always make lemonade and find the gold in the rocks. I believe it is important to jump into life and put in your all. Get into the arena and do the job. Win or lose, you are in the arena of life. Just find the gold in the experience, make your lemonade, or compost it.

How are you doing learning from your life experiences? Thank God for mistakes – they become the greatest of stepping stones. As we move into the last month of the year, I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to review this year, turn the mistakes into stepping stones and cast your line into the future for your successes.

December is an amazing time to do kind acts for those you care about. It’s a time to make up for missed opportunities for caring and love; a time for “do-overs”; and a time for sharing, doing thoughtful things for others, and acting on your love.

Decorating for the holidays, making fruitcakes (yes, I do…), entertaining friends, making gifts, helping neighbors, sharing cookies, recalling with friends times we shared and laughed this year, trying a new recipe, toasting to health and happiness, kissing George under the mistletoe (and lots of other places…) – these are the things of my Christmas joy.

Use your wisdom, let go of hurts, create times of joy, laugh, do pleasurable things, give to others, help those around you, get engaged with life and share meaning with a few close friends. Recall your arena experiences and pull out your strengths. Most of all find an intimate person in your life and give them a hug or two. Discover the mistletoe and get lots of kisses. Those are my wishes for you at this most delightful time of year!

George and I send you our hugs and kisses for a happy holiday!!!XOXO


P.S. Bentley and Beau send their Shih Tzu kisses, too!

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