A Way of Living the Good Life: Have a Loving Attitude and Do Loving Acts of Kindness

In coaching, couples counseling, and psychotherapy, we assist people in improving their lives and attaining their goals to help them live the good life. Happiness is the journey with strong bonds of relationship, meaning, accomplishment, flow, and pleasure.

Choose to be Kind

We make choices each day about how we treat others. We can be gracious and kind in our response to a co-worker or we can be grouchy. We can be polite to the people in line at the bank or we can snarl. The world becomes a nicer place to be if we put a little effort into our attitude and let polite and kind words and behavior be the soup de jour.

Is Your Thinking in a Rut?

It is easy to get stuck in a rut with your spouse and think he is controlling and bossy. It may be easy to think the woman in your life is always nagging. Also possible to think of your mother as the loudest mother on the block, or your father, the meanest guy in the neighborhood. Once we begin to think in this manner, we create a rut, just like driving in the mud and building a furrow which becomes very difficult to free ourselves from, it seems impossible to find good qualities about someone we claim to love.

Free Yourself from Ruts

Try thinking good thoughts about others. Look for the positive. Search for qualities, characteristics, talents, and traits that don’t come easily to mind. Take a moment to think of three good things about someone. Write them in a card or journal. Express these beautiful thoughts and give them to the other as a gift. Wrap them up in lovely packages – just the precise words and glorified expressions of praise.

Practice looking for and sharing the positives about others both in your thoughts and actions. Express compliments daily. Thank the teller at the bank for her kind service, thank the checker who is working late at night for doing so, and recognize the people working at the airport on the holiday you are traveling. Mostly, be sure to recognize and appreciate attributes, behaviors and accomplishments of close friends and family.

Do Acts of Kindness Wherever You Are

Finally, do small acts of kindness for others: pay it forward at the fast food line, take a cup of latte to your assistant, send a thank you card, make a sandwich for the handyman, tip the valet $10 instead of $2, make your sweetheart’s favorite kind of cookie, bring home dinner for the family, mop the kitchen floor because it needs it, take the dog for a walk in a new place, visit a friend in the hospital, send flowers to your aunt, call the person who showed up in your dream, and so forth until your spare time is filled with kindnesses.

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