An Interview With A Master Coach D’Arcy Vanderpool, MA, PCC – Nov. 2003

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November, 2003 Volume 4/2
by Cynthia Kohles, Ph.D.,


Bright and early on the morning following Halloween, I had the pleasure of interviewing D’Arcy Vanderpool, a vibrant spirit and master coach. D’Arcy possesses a warm, resonant, and evenly-paced voice—qualities making the interview flow easily.

While talking, I learned that D’Arcy has a practice which encompasses coaching, consulting and clinical work.  When she added coaching to her consulting and clinical practice, she found that coaching opened a door to corporate work which previously had not been available—a positive omen for all of us. To keep herself balanced and allow the right brain “artist” in her to flourish, D’Arcy continues to develop her hobby of buying, decorating and remodeling real estate before moving it on.

Impressed with D’Arcy’s acumen, I moved to my opening question: “What is the most important quality in a successful coach?”  D’Arcy states, “The ability to experience and give unconditional love. You need to clear yourself and have a broad range of acceptance, caring and understanding so that you can hold the biggest possible container for clients.”

Next, I asked “How does one give unconditionally?” “Work on self. Improve one’s own person. Connect with your deepest values. Live your deepest values. Turn ‘bad’ things in life into lessons and growth-fulfilling experiences,” answers D’Arcy. I shared with D’Arcy my sense that her entire life view is one of looking for the ‘lessons’—the ‘gifts’ that come.

“That’s right,” she said. Very, very uplifting, I think. Next, I asked “If you had to develop one marketing tool, what would it be?” D’Arcy says, “Your own friendly self—by being curious about people when you are with them. Somewhere, in the course of a conversation, they will ask what you do and you can tell them. Use your elevator speech if you wish. Come from your own passion. I use my intuition, meditate, and write everything down. I have on my wall, a 10-year plan along with my values to continually inspire me.”

D’Arcy’s closing words, echoing in my ears, are “Your niche will find you. If what you are doing attracts, go with it. If not, shift. Listen to your inner guidance.” Words to live by!

I find D’Arcy Vanderpool to be a successful woman of many talents and an individual of deep conviction who walks the walk, not just talks the talk. She is inspiring and successful. Here’s to you D’Arcy! Thanks so much for your help and may life give you back all that you give to others!

To contact D’Arcy Vanderpool, call (702) 242-4222 or send an e-mail to:

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