Do you get stuck?

Do You Get Stuck and Sabotage Yourself?

How do you make sense out of wanting to do something but not doing it? What can you do to get unstuck? How can you stop sabotaging your success? We all have goals and dreams we want to accomplish, but often we do not. Some people seem to just sail through with success after success! How do they do it?

Getting yourself unstuck requires motivation, a certain awareness, and discipline.

I have a dear friend who has wanted to write a story about his aunt for a couple of decades or so. After enough avoidance and busyness, focusing on other business ideas and even start-ups, he decided he had enough failure and wanted to see some success.

He had to dig down to find his motivation – the joy of having his children and best friends think highly of him. Then he had to get his awareness up to his mind in 2009. He had failed at enough great ideas – just thinking and talking about them. Now he wanted to put a great idea into action.

Finally finding enough self-esteem and confidence, he started to write. And what a beautiful writer he is! Now it’s time for the discipline. Every weekend he is creating the time to write.

He finally got down to his negative core beliefs and worked through the stages of change to take action. You’ll hear about the book when it is finished! Check back in about a year.

Look at some of the negative beliefs you have that are self-limiting or that sabotage your ability to be your very best. Sometimes we refer to these beliefs as negative self-talk or negative tapes in our heads.

They are “gremlins”. These are the things we believe that hold us back or prevent us from being authentic and healthy. Some examples might be: I have to be perfect; I can’t make a mistake; I am not smart enough; I can’t do it; If I am successful I will have to be accountable; Money is the root of all evil; etc.

Find some of your self-defeating beliefs and write them. Using all the enthusiasm you have, write the opposite, motivating, and positive belief about yourself.

Spend the day thinking about and repeating inside your head these lovely affirmations of your authentic self. If you find the negative beliefs winning, keep working to prove the positive is true. Find the evidence and convince yourself of your greatness!

If you still have difficulties succeeding at your goals, do they line up with your values? If they do, read James Prochaska’s book, “Changing for Good” and get into the action stage to make your dreams come true.

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