Express your Appreciation

Expressing your appreciation to others allows them to feel recognized and cared for while it also can bring you closer together. Appreciation shared with a spouse or partner grows the fondness and intimacy. In friendships it strengthens your relationships. With your children your appreciation and thanks builds self-esteem and character. Your bond is intensified every time you acknowledge something positive about the other person.


As simple as it may seem, recognizing someone’s good qualities and actions does not come easily to a lot of people. Criticism seems to be natural to them but thanks and appreciation seem to come with difficulty. Taking time to think about the good things about another person can help it become more natural. Reflect daily, especially on people you are with on a daily basis – spouse, children, co-workers, employees and others. Thinking about someone’s positive qualities and good deeds can produce good feelings or positive emotions in you.


Enjoy and cherish positive qualities in your loved one. Take the time to recall and relive things they have done or virtues about them. Consider the things you treasure about them and feel the goodness that comes up in you.

Express your Appreciation

Tell your loved ones what you treasure and think is positive about them. You can thank them for something they have done. More importantly you can tell them something special about them, some ability or talent they have demonstrated, some virtue or characteristic they possess, or some behavior you admire. You will strength the loving bonds between you if you do this daily and make it an ordinary part of your behavioral repertoire.

Happiness and Positive Emotions are Contagious

Your loved one will feel good receiving appreciation from you. A smile will come on their face and warm feelings in their heart. Those messages of appreciation and love are delivered right back to you in their response. The reciprocal nature of positive regard continues and emotional connection and sense of intimacy is experienced. Love is flowing…

More Goodness is Created in our World

As more and more of us express and receive appreciations, we experience more love and we can continue to express those positive feelings to others in our daily connections. Let’s pass it along and make our own corners of the world more positive and loving. Express your appreciation for others!

The next step after expressing words would be to demonstrate our feelings of appreciation. Let’s show our highest appreciation by living them, as John F. Kennedy encouraged us to do decades ago.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy

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