Expressing Thanks

Choosing to be thankful makes us more thankful

When thinking and expressing gratitude our brain releases chemicals that make us less stressed, and in turn, more thankful. Our brain does not distinguish if this gratitude is huge and deep and intense or simply a squeak of thanks. All that matters is the intentional act of giving thanks.

Our thankfulness makes others feel more thankful

When we love someone we want to create a positive experience for them. One way of doing that is expressing our gratitude, appreciation and thanks. It might be an overwhelming and robust appreciation. Or it might be thanks for opening the door. Whether big or small, it creates a warm and loving feeling. It also makes our loved one
feel more thankful, often giving a thanks or compliment back to us. And it continues to go around and around.

Sharing our gratitude with others around Thanksgiving

It is a wonderful way to think of any close relationship, floating in the chemicals of love and feeling close or intimate. Since this is Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude, let’s share many expressions of thanks and appreciation to everyone we see today, tomorrow, at the Thanksgiving table, the next day with leftovers, and the weekend which follows.

Gratitude is a discipline

To all who come into our lives, a way to make ourselves feel less stressed, more happy and thankful is to share our gratitude with all. A way to make our corner of the world a better place is to share thanks with as many people as we can throughout every day. I hope you practice gratitude daily for 365 days a year so that what you see, feel and act is gratitude.

Sometimes wearing rose-colored glasses is good; it makes the experiences of life more positive and grateful.

In his research lab, Dr. Gottman discovered that successful couples create a culture of goodwill and purposefully strive to see each other through rose-colored glasses.

“A basic law: the more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale


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