Getting Together with Friends Boosts Your Happiness!

I have just spent this week reconnecting with some of my Sigma Kappa sisters from Illinois Wesleyan University. Some of us have not seen each other for 2 months and some for 48 years. After 10 minutes it was like there was no time lost. We were back in the sorority house by the big chair on the second floor – with the same stories and laughter!

Happy Memories

Having long term friends and new friends that you see on a regular basis is one of the necessary ingredients of a happy life and longevity. One of my sisters I have seen over the years brings back such happy memories for me. She stirs up all kinds of pleasant things from when we were young women in college, studying into the night and having lots of fun doing everything else 19 and 20 year olds do!

Through dating, weddings, travels and children, we have shared lots of friendship and love.  We also have helped each other through difficult family situations, the care and loss of parents, and the death of spouses. Each of us has had long term relationships with some of the others in attendance, as well as some of those whom we will wait for 2 years to see at our 50th reunion.

Intimate Sharing and Support

It is important to have people in your life who count on you. We all need emotional support and the intimate connection of kindness and thoughtfulness. I hope you have people with whom you connect on a regular basis.

I have a good number of friends from 42 years ago. We worked together and grew into adulthood with each other. Some of us were roommates and many of us had meals together on a regular basis. We hiked together, swam, went to the gym, biked, got our graduate degrees, went dancing, and had many Saturday night parties with our own band and brand of laughter.

Current Friendships and Social Activities

New friends are also very important for your health and well-being. Having activities you do on a regular basis is a great way to connect with others. My 94 year old Aunt plays cards or bingo every day. That has something to do with her longevity!

I have friends who play bridge several times a week; others who golf every Tuesday; others quilt and weave; others compete on the tennis courts. My book club meets monthly and we go to the ballet, out for lunch or dinner, and get together for pot lucks and other gatherings because we enjoy each other’s company and conversations.

Who do you have in your life you can count on for caring? For fun? For family sharing? For healthy competitions? For games and songs? For lively discussions? Stay connected and reconnect if it’s been awhile. You will have many benefits of socializing and participating in deep friendships.

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