Gratitude Is the Easy Answer to Happiness and Well Being

Gratitude improves optimism, increases positive emotions, reduces stress and delivers many more positive results. All you need to do is think about your own things for which you are grateful, do it on a regular basis, and you will be happier.

Expressing our gratitude is an activity that increases our happiness levels by over 25%; gives us higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality, optimism and lower levels of depression and stress; gives us better sleep quality and more energy; and it is one of the more effective ways of coping with disease, disability and even death. People who keep gratitude lists make progress toward completing important individual goals such as academic, interpersonal and health-based, according to research by Robert Emmons.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Establish a daily habit of recalling and writing ordinary events that happened to you today, the valuable people in your life and what they contribute to you. Spend the day looking for people, incidents, events, and qualities that you enjoy and that support your life. Look for the gifts, grace, benefits and good things in your life.

  1. Think and recall throughout the day the good things happening…
  2. Write at least three things of gratitude toward the end of the day.

Share Gratitude with your Family

  1. Have your family share at dinner three things that happened to each of you that were good or things for which you are grateful
  2. Have our children recall and speak gratitude when going to bed
  3. Share gratitude blessings with your spouse at the end of the day
  4. Make Thanksgiving a holiday of super big thanks all around the table

Write letters of gratitude

  1. Write thank you notes for gifts, events and special thoughtful acts
  2. Write letters of gratitude to people who have improved or touched your life – teachers, friends, family members, old friends, former spouses, etc.
  3. Write birthday letters sharing about the person’s qualities and good acts

Think of ways you can see the challenges of life as a gift and then how you can express your gratitude.

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