Happiness Can Be Increased By Spending More Time Socializing

We know from research in couples counseling and life coaching that spending time socializing on a weekly basis with people you know, people who care about you and depend on seeing you, will increase your well-being and lifespan.

Fordyce found through seven studies there are 14 activities that will increase your happiness. This is the first. Let’s look at the people you see during the month, the activities you attend, the activities where you are contributing something in addition to attendance, and your interests and hobbies that include others.


Answer these questions to see how well you are doing in this activity.

  • Who do I currently see in a week?
  • Who do I currently see in a month?
  • What do I currently do weekly?
  • What do I currently do monthly?
  • What do I think I would benefit from if I added it to my life?

Spend some time preparing for action you can take for your improvement. What am I truly interested in adding to my life that will expand and enhance my social life?

If you want help looking at what might be stopping you from creating a better social life, call me (702-242-4222) or message me.

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