Happy Thanksgiving: Happiness and Thanks

Happiness for me is about being with loving family. It is about memories of times past with those no longer with us, it is about the enjoyment of being a child of God in holiday settings, and it is about the present moment of creating new memories from these precious moments.

Thanks is the deepest gratitude I feel and experience during holidays. I reflect and savor the occasion, the laughter, the beauty reflected from each person in my presence, and recognition of their spirit and goodness. My gratitude is stated in the joyful sharing of the dance of life we are doing each Thanksgiving holiday. I can’t express my thanks and gratitude enough; nor can I say it as often or as lovingly as I feel it.

Thank you for being you and bringing Light and Love into my life. Your presence in my life has given me joy, comfort, peace, laughter, adventures, awe, connectedness, intimacy, giggles as well as many events and stories of shared meaning.

I pray you and your loved ones are able to connect with the goodness in each other and share the happiness and gratitude you all deserve. Make your Thanksgiving holiday one brimming over with respect, joy, happiness and love. Give an expression of thanks to each person sitting around your Thanksgiving table!

I’m on Holiday, but email or call me 702-242-4222 if you want to talk about your family and holidays. I’ll get back to you next week.

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