Increase Your Happiness through Mastery

Become a master at something. You will feel proud of your success and achievements knowing you are doing your very best and you are outstanding and exemplary at what you do.

Becoming a master involves your use of curiosity, perseverance, love of learning, self-regulation and a number of character strengths. Mastery can cover small skills to complicated concepts and actions.


We should all be masters at saying, “No” in a kind way. Too many people don’t take good care of themselves and try to please others too much of the time. Learn to pay attention to your own needs and desire to create more happiness and well-being.


I believe we could all attempt to be masters at complimenting others. We can develop skills to “see” the good in others and tell them about it. There are many areas in which to develop mastership.


I have a friend who is a master at making pie crust. He has perfected it after a serious 15 year study and ordinary baker’s skills for 25 before that. Oh, he includes pie filling, but the art is in the crust.

I have friends who have mastered bridge, sailing, sending thank you cards, tennis, reading for enjoyment, writing books, turning large companies around, psychic readings, yoga, beating stage 4 cancer, competing in the iron man, etc.

I am an expert at helping couples find their happiness together. I have also mastered helping people with Dissociative Identity Disorder heal from their abuse, integrate and live healthy lives. I am a master of resilience and remembering stories. I’m still mastering my grandmother’s Christmas Stollen recipe – someday I may make it as good as she did!


Take a look at what you do really well. Are you a certifiable master in the field? If so, “Bravo and hat’s off to you!” If not, find an area of interest, passion or great talent and devote time and practice.

Answer these questions about your own success and mastery:

  1. What are accomplishments or things I do which I would judge to be at the level of mastership and which would make me feel proud and fulfilled?
  2. What things could I master and possibly find much fulfillment?
  3. What will I do in the next month to get started?

If you would like help with your mastery, call (702-242-4222) or message me.

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