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Need help with any of the following?

Create amazing relationships and connect with people who truly matter to you.

Anxiety & Depression

Learn how to breakthrough and recover from the disabling effects of anxiety and depression.


Develop self-care techniques to journey through life’s toughest challenges and changes.


Help for those suffering from childhood abuse, neglect, or life-threatening challenges.

Life Changes

Get support and direction for facing major decisions or adjusting to life-altering changes.

Personal Growth

Deep dive into how to increase YOUR happiness and improve your sense of well-being.

Financial Issues

Uncover obstacles keeping you stuck on financial matters so you can reach your goals.

Family Issues

Learn skills to deal with painful family issues that drain your energy and creativity.

In January of 2019, I had realized that if I was truly going to start the next chapter in my life, I needed the tools and guidance so when I got there I would be prepared and not make the same mistakes again. I’m happy to say that I feel as if I’m the best version of me that I have ever been. I still have a long way to go, but I wouldn’t do it with anyone else but D’Arcy.

Male, ages52

Regional Manager
D'Arcy Vanderpool, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Las Vegas, NV

D’Arcy Vanderpool, MA, MFT, PCC Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Working with D'Arcy

My specialty is Accelerated Couples Therapy.

While I primarily work with couples,  I also work with many individuals about both their personal growth and relationship issues.

Often an individual client will want to get clarity and move forward in an accelerated method of therapy. There are options available for you if you prefer to work with me in individual counseling or coaching.

Most individual clients attend on a weekly or alternate weekly schedule and a number of them prefer an accelerated program by signing up for a 1-Day Intensive Retreat.

With over 40 years of clinical private practice and a professional coaching practice, I have had copious individual counseling experience as well as decades of life and executive coaching experience. I have taught psychology and coaching, supervised therapists, and mentored many business clients.

To get started, I want to offer you my initial

New Beginning Session


In just one, 90-minute session…

I love seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they finally understand how simple the solution is for fixing their problems. And you can experience this for yourself by clicking the link below and scheduling your initial New Beginning Session today.

Normally, a session like this would cost $400. But for a limited time only, I’m offering the New Beginning Session for ONLY $300. (That’s a $100 Savings!)

Limited Offer
I only have a very limited number of these sessions available each week so don’t wait.

When I started therapy, I was despondent. I had lost all hope of a better future. D’Arcy’s far-reaching compassion gently guided me until l felt a light of hope somewhere inside. Through all the peaks and valleys, D’Arcy never let go. As I enter the third stage of life, I can honestly say I am excited what my future holds. I will be forever grateful.

Female, age 58


Want Faster Results?

Breakthrough your toughest issues quickly with a 1-day retreat and accomplish 8 to 10 weeks of therapy in just one day. Book Yours Today!

Therapy Methods Used

Primary Methods

Other Methods

  • attachment-based
  • business, executive, life, and wellness coaching, consulting, and mentoring
  • CBT
  • developmental
  • EMDR
  • emotionally focused
  • family systems
  • gestalt
  • group
  • hypnotherapy
  • Internal Family Systems
  • trauma and complex trauma focused therapy

D’Arcy has been my personal coach for about 8 years, and I have had a TREMENDOUSLY positive experience with her. Her professional expertise has assisted me GREATLY in both my personal and professional life.

Male, age 55

Attorney and Counselor at Law

I want to tell you it is a pleasure it is to work with D’Arcy. I appreciate her insightfulness and am moved by her humanity. I learned a great deal about my potential and have divorced, focused on my children, and created my own fulfilling life. I am thrilled to have my own business and to be teaching dance again!

Female, age 37

Business Owner
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