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you’ll know exactly what’s sabotaging your relationship and keeping it from becoming the marriage of your dreams.

Within 30 days,

you’ll make incredible progress on tackling your relationship’s most serious issues and seeing HUGE improvements.

Within 3-6 months,

you could be well on your way to joining my hundreds of clients who found happiness, trust, and love in their relationships again.

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90% Success Rate

Marriage Counseling that Actually Works!

If you’re reading this page, your marriage is in crisis or in desperate need of a tune up. You’re probably feeling lost, confused, and not sure where to turn for help.

D'Arcy Vanderpool, marriage and family therapist, in office

I understand.  I’ve been there myself.  

Today, I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist.

But years ago, I was a Psychological Assistant working towards my own licensure, and my marriage was on the brink of divorce.

That’s when I learned just how little “real” help was available for couples who wanted to save their marriage.
It's worse than you thought...

Most "traditional" marriage counseling doesn't work.

You would think that I would’ve been able to find someone to help me fix my marriage problems. After all, I was in the psychology field and knew numerous licensed professionals.

But instead of getting the help I desperately needed, I wasted over 18 months in therapy and ended up divorced anyway.

And the really sad thing is that I know my marriage could have been saved if we had just found a competent therapist to work with.

Because of that horrible experience, I've dedicated my career to developing the skills and experience necessary to help couples repair their relationship fast.

And along the way, I discovered that couples therapy is VERY complicated and different from individual therapy.

Most therapists simply don’t have the specialized training and experience necessary to help couples.

Now, you may be asking...

If traditional marriage therapy doesn't work, what does?

I'm glad you asked!


Accelerated Couples Therapy

A PROVEN method that works faster and better at saving marriages.

With proven success rates, you can't afford NOT to try Accelerated Couples Therapy to save your relationship.

I’ve created private marriage retreats and extended programs to fit almost everyone’s schedule and situation.

To get started, I want to offer you my initial

New Beginning Session

In just one, 90-minute session…

I love seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they finally understand how simple the solution is for fixing their problems. And you can experience this for yourself by clicking the link below and scheduling your initial New Beginning Session today. (Available to individuals and couples.)

Normally, a session like this would cost $400. But for a limited time only, I’m offering the New Beginning Session for ONLY $300. (That’s a $100 Savings!)

Limited Offer
I only have a very limited number of these sessions available each week so don’t wait.

Working with D'Arcy

What can you expect as we work together?

We came to D’Arcy when it seemed that our world was falling apart. Our relationship was in crisis from just about every area of our lives. D’Arcy helped us deal with our crisis and gave us tools to communicate better and problem-solve as we re-built our world together, our way. Thanks to D’Arcy, we have a healthier, happier life, and we highly recommend her counseling services.

Couple, ages 61 and 58

University Faculty and Clinical Social Worker

Specialized Practice Areas

Need help with any of the following?
couple toasting with wine celebrating marriage counseling that worked

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your help and guidance. Your advice and support helped us rediscover happiness together, and for that, we are eternally grateful! We are living together again and communicating better than ever. We spend wonderful times together and are very happy as a couple and family. We feel “blessed" to have found you!

Couple, age 43 and 37

Healthcare Professionals
Marriage Counseling Therapy Methods

Couples Therapy Methods Used

Primary Methods

Other Methods

  • attachment-based
  • business, executive, life, and wellness coaching, consulting, and mentoring
  • CBT
  • developmental
  • EMDR
  • emotionally focused
  • family systems
  • gestalt
  • group
  • hypnotherapy
  • Internal Family Systems
  • trauma and complex trauma focused therapy
Gottman Certified Seven Principles Leader Badge for Making Marriage Work Workshop - D'Arcy Vanderpool
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D'Arcy Vanderpool is a Certified Clinical Fellow with American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
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I had been to therapists before... exploring inner feelings through endless sessions. D'Arcy helped us in 0.3 seconds (or somewhere therein). She knows how to cut to the chase and recognizes the problem in a blink-of-an-eye. Thank you!

2nd marriage pre-marital couple, ages 52 and 46

D'Arcy Vanderpool, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Las Vegas, NV

D’Arcy Vanderpool, MA, MFT, PCC
Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Happiness

About D'Arcy Vanderpool

D’Arcy Vanderpool is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified coach, best-selling author, and nationally recognized relationship expert featured on radio and television. She’s helped thousands of couples over the last 40 years find love and happiness again.

She’s dedicated her career to developing the skills necessary to help couples save their relationships fast. Using Accelerated Couples Therapy, her clients can accomplish months of therapy in just a few days.

Her 90% success rate makes her an in-demand therapist for celebrity and high-profile professionals. And her clients have flown into Las Vegas to work with her from all over the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

“It is amazing to help couples who are ready for divorce turn the direction of their marriage and be in love again.”

Since 1975, clients have benefited from her experience, wisdom, humor, and especially her positive take on life.

After a few years of marriage, two kids, and climbing the corporate ladder, we found ourselves living separate lives, focused on everything except our marriage. Counseling with D’Arcy was our last resort to win back our love. After working with D’Arcy, we came back to the love we had. Five years later, we look at D'Arcy as an investment in us, and we enjoy the results!

Couple, ages 36 and 48

Hotel executives

Accelerated Couple Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and Insurance Questions

Yes and no. I can use your health insurance savings plan. You can use your out-of-network benefits by submitting the invoice my office will send you after you pay for the session. You can submit it for reimbursement directly to you.

I’m not in any insurance networks, which means you will have out of pocket costs.

You can get started with a New Beginnings Session for only $300.

Click here to book yours now.

Every couple is different and has different needs. At the end of your first session, you’ll have a positive plan for restoring your marriage and an estimate of the time and costs for your specific needs.

Here is a breakdown of my services and rates as of June 1, 2022:

Weekly and alternate weekly 60 minute sessions are $250 and 90-minute sessions are $375 each.

The average number of therapy sessions nationwide for couples attending marriage counseling is 11. Those who attended marriage counseling longer had the highest results of success, as is standard nationwide.

1-day Marriage Intensives are $1,500

These are scheduled on an as needed basis to help couples quickly breakthrough painful seemingly immoveable stuck points. A one-day intensive can accomplish what would typically take 6-10 weeks of traditional therapy.  I will recommend one of these when I feel it is in the best interest of the couple, enabling them to move forward to a happy marriage quickly.

2-day Marriage Happiness Retreats are $2,900

The Marriage Happiness Retreat helps you transform your marriage in just a couple of days. Click here to learn more about these marriage retreats.

Considering that the cost of a divorce in Nevada for high-net worth couples averages $35,100, you can see that marriage counseling with me is VERY affordable. (And we are not talking about the $200,000-400,000 divorces…)

Counseling Related Questions

Usually I can see new clients within a few days, though my schedule varies.

Click here to book your first appointment now. You’ll be able to find a day and time that works best for us to get started.

If you don’t find an available time within the next week, contact me, and I’ll see if I can open up something on my calendar for you.

Some of the problem areas D’Arcy has successfully helped clients overcome include:

  • Addictions
  • Abuse
  • Betrayal
  • Financial
  • Family
  • Life
  • Marriage or Couple Related
  • Gay and Lesbian Related
  • Poly Related
  • Psychological Issues
  • Sexual Related

During your New Beginnings Session, we’ll discuss your present problems and uncover the hidden obstacles that are keeping you from having the relationship you really want.  You’ll also receive an interview assessment of problems and suggested ideas and exercises for solutions. 

You will leave with an overall plan for improvement, an assessment to complete online, and beginning homework assignments to complete before your next session.

After an initial session, I may recommend to the couple that an accelerated learning program may be the best option to improve their relationship. Often couples want to have a rapid way to move out of the discomfort they are experiencing and look to a more intensive way to be over their hurt, anger or emotional distance. These couples desire a faster pace for their recovery.

If the couple chooses to proceed with traditional weekly sessions, clients will then proceed with about 4 weeks of 60-90-minute weekly sessions, after which they will determine if they want to continue in on-going marital therapy meeting weekly or alternating weeks. 

I primarily use Accelerated Couples Therapy, Gottman Method, positive psychology, psychodynamic, and Relational Life Therapy.

Other methods I use or hold certifications in include:

Attachment-based, CBT, developmental,  EMDR, emotionally focused, family systems, gestalt, hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems, trauma and complex trauma focused therapy; business, executive, life, relationship and wellness coaching, consulting, and mentoring.

Your initial session is 90 minutes.  If you decide to proceed with weekly sessions, they can be 60 or 90 minutes each. After about 4 weekly sessions, your progress is evaluated and you may choose to continue with weekly sessions or switch to alternating weeks. Other program options may include 1-day marriage intensives and 2-day private marriage retreats. Expect to do homework between all of your sessions. It gives you time to practice and integrate the new behaviors and skills you are learning.

Yes, it will work for all committed couples.

I’m not a magician, but I ask spouses to be honest, attend sessions, and do the homework… giving it a real try for 3 months. Most of them do it! Usually, it is only those spouses who are already in another relationship and lying about it who won’t commit to trying. Occasionally there is a spouse who is already out of the relationship emotionally and has moved on in his or her heart alone.

P.S. YOU have to do a lot of changing to get your spouse interested again.

Couples Therapy and individual therapy can work for you! After our initial session we will schedule individual sessions as well as couples’ sessions. Safety must be addressed immediately. Then we begin on skills to avoid the abuse, anger management, childhood abuse and trauma, new coping skills and boundary issues. As much of the work as we can will be done together so you are both learning about not only your own but your partner’s issues also. Doing individual internal work with your spouse present is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your relationship. Each couple works on an individualized therapy program and the work is done privately and not in classes.

It’s never too early for marriage counseling. In fact, most often people come to counseling later than they should. Research tells us that most couples wait about 6 years before they go to counseling. Marriage is work. It needs constant attention in order to remain healthy. I love working with couples to help strengthen their marriages. Perhaps you need better communication skills or help working through some unresolved issues. Financial stress is another common contributor to relationship problems that we can help you and your partner overcome. I love working with couples who are “OK” and helping them become “great!”

More frequently people come to marriage counseling when they are close to being done and on the brink of divorce. Couples therapy can help you work through your problems if both parties are willing to put in the hard work to make changes. Marriage counseling for those on the brink of a divorce takes more time. It likely took you years to get to this point in your marriage. Often there are deep-rooted problems that need to be resolved. We can help you work through those problems and teach you skills to make sure those problems don’t become the monsters in your relationship that they are now.

Yes. In fact, sometimes the best time to work on improving personal patterns and internal habits that foster healthy relationships is when you are not currently in a relationship because you can be more objective.

Yes. People come alone to therapy for a variety of reasons. You may want help making sense of your current life situation. There may be decisions that you need to make, and you want to get an objective outside opinion. You may need help overcoming feelings of anxiety or depression. Or you may want to improve your relationship, but your partner can’t or won’t come — or you don’t want him or her to come.

You can work on navigating your relationship more skillfully regardless of whether your partner comes with you to therapy or not. I’m an expert relationship coach and often, the process of relationship improvement begins with just one person. Usually one person can change about 70% of the relationship issues. And if one of you is changing, the other spouse becomes open to putting in effort to match you.

Scientific evidence suggests that people function best when they sustain satisfying, committed relationships over time. I encourage people to make every reasonable effort to repair their relationships before moving on.

My attitude is that I will slay the dragon of your poor behaviors and unknown skills before I will give up. I do that because I wish I had had a real warrior for a therapist when I was in marriage counseling.

However, not all relationships can be repaired and sometimes separating is the best choice. While I will encourage you to carefully consider all of the angles, ultimately each person must make decisions that he or she believes to be best.

I’ve created the Marriage Happiness Retreat especially for couples like you.  It allows us to work together over 2 days in Las Vegas so you can transform your relationship quickly and get back to your life.  Couples fly into Las Vegas from all over the US, Europe, and the Middle East to work with me.

I Zoom with clients in Nevada. I also Zoom with out-of-town coaching clients as additional support when they have attended the Marriage Happiness Retreat or Accelerated Couples Therapy or Coaching.  

If you don’t live within driving distance of my office and would like to work with me, the 2-day, private Marriage Happiness Retreat may be the perfect solution for you. 

If you don’t live within driving distance of my office and would like to work with me, the 2-day, private Marriage Happiness Retreat may be the perfect solution for you. Learn More about the Marriage Happiness Retreat and check dates of availability.

Some clients who travel to Las Vegas regularly prefer to do the one-day intensive retreat or schedule several hours each time they are here.

Results Related Questions
Yes!  I use science-based, research-driven, proven marriage therapy which results in a 70-90% success rate. Here are my success rates for the last 5 years of my practice:
  • 92% with couples who have attended a private marriage retreat with me.
  • 96% success rate with couples who attended more than 27 sessions (long-term marriage therapy).
  • 84% success rate with couples who attended more than 10 sessions (short-term marriage therapy).
  • 16% of couples (who attended short-term therapy only) divorced or broke up. Out of those, 1/2 had affairs where one partner did not want to continue together. And in the other 1/2, there was one partner who had a diagnosable personality disorder.

Your progress will completely depend on your unique situation AND the program you attend.

You’ll see changes within the first three sessions. By the end of your New Beginnings Session, you will walk away with hope and a totally new perspective on your relationship. You’ll also have a prioritized plan for repairing your relationship fast.

Clients who attend my private Marriage Happiness Retreat say their relationship is transformed in just a couple days.

Clients who attend weekly sessions with Accelerated Couples Therapy can have a happy marriage by next month.

Nationwide, the average number of therapy sessions for couples attending marriage counseling is 11. And those who attended marriage counseling longer had the highest results of success.

Usually, my clients see the results they want in 3 to 6 months.

The methods I use are science based and proven 70-90% effective in clinical trials.

In the last 5 years of my practice, my success rate has been:

  • 92% with couples who have attended a private marriage retreat with me.
  • 96% success rate with couples who attended more than 27 sessions (long-term marriage therapy.

Most marriage counselor’s success rates don’t come close to that.

Couples therapy is VERY complicated, and most therapists simply don’t have the specialized training and experience necessary to help couples.  It’s one of the reasons traditional marriage counseling fails to help save marriages.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

My programs are different because I have the specialized training and skills needed to work successfully with couples.  Add to that my 40-years’ experience, and there is little I haven’t seen before AND helped couples work through quickly. Besides being really good at what I do, I love it, and I will help you laugh your way to mental health and relationship happiness!

Relationships are constantly changing. The results you achieve during our work together will last, but new issues or challenges may appear from time to time. You will learn the skills to correct things yourselves. And you may be like most clients who like a tune up with the expert.

Just like a garden needs continual weeding to stay looking great, your marriage will need continual care and attention.

If you want a long-lasting, happy marriage, plan on participating in a marriage review and reevaluation at least once a year or a marriage retreat once every 5 years. I encourage all my clients to go away for a weekend for their personal marriage retreat once a year.

Schedule your New Beginning 90-minute session to get started. If at the end of the session, it’s not what you expected and you don’t want to continue working with me, you’ll at least have a better understanding of the hidden obstacles that are sabotaging your relationship. And I’ll be happy to recommend another solution that would better fit your situation.

If you get stuck, just text me and make an appointment. If it is the weekend, ask for a brief phone call, or an emergency session, if you can’t wait until Monday.

Most of my clients learn conflict management skills in the first three sessions so they can handle things until the next business day. Occasionally it is a sign we need to schedule sessions with more frequency.

Absolutely.  You can read my testimonials here: Marriage Counseling Testimonials

You’ll also see testimonials through the website, including on this page.  I’ve worked with many couples who report being happily married decades later.

I never knew there were rules of communication that could save our marriage. We had been arguing way too much, even in front of our children. We still disagree, but we are respectful and finally act like a team. We really feel blessed to have found such a wonderful therapist.

Couple, ages 36 and 46

Female Dentist and Executive

Time is of the essence. Here's why...

Your relationship is in crisis, and it won’t get better if you just wait it out.  You’ve probably already tried that and know it doesn’t work.
Relationships don’t get better through procrastination or neglect. A marriage is like a garden. The weeds will flourish without you having to do anything and will choke out the beauty that was once there. Likewise, negative momentum in relationships will continue to spiral downward unless you take action.
Romantic relationships don’t have to be hard, but they do require effort in specific areas in order to grow and flourish.  Until now, you’ve been unaware of where to put your efforts to get the most success.
I want to help you discover where those hidden obstacles are so that you can create the marriage of your dreams.

And we can do that in just one session.

What is Saving Your Marriage Worth?

Book Your New Beginnings Session Now!

We have had so much continued success since finishing our counseling. We have moved, started new jobs and made other good decisions. I am really excited about the next chapter of our lives. I wanted to say a big "Thank You!" because you really have helped me dig down and see my true husband. I truly appreciate all your advice. You were right about everything 100%! Our lives are going in a great direction.

Female, age 32

Marketing Executive
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