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Marriage Happiness Retreat

Transform Your Relationship in 2 Days

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D'Arcy Vanderpool, marriage and family therapist in Las Vegas

D’Arcy Vanderpool, MA, MFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

90% Success Rate

More than a Las Vegas Getaway

It’s a chance to create the marriage of your dreams
Imagine spending 2 days in Las Vegas with your spouse and going home with a happy, peaceful marriage… even if you’re currently on the brink of divorce.
Marriage counseling doesn’t have to take months (or even years) to work. There is a better alternative that works faster that weekly therapy sessions: the Marriage Happiness Retreat.
Clients fly into Las Vegas to work with D’Arcy from all over the US, Europe, and the Middle East. And over 90% of retreat attendees report that they are happily married one year later.

My husband and I were heading for divorce when we discovered D'Arcy's two-day marriage retreat. She truly helped us break through barriers that previous therapist could not. It's been two years since our retreat, and we still visit her again for a check-in because we have not found anyone with the same caliber and effectiveness as her. Overall, we cannot say enough good things about our experience with D’Arcy.

Couple, ages 34 and 36

Business Owner and Manager
Fast Results

The Perfect Alternative to Weekly Marriage Counseling

The Marriage Happiness Retreat is PERFECT for those couples who want fast results and an alternative to weekly therapy sessions. 

Couples enjoy a fun, private marriage retreat experience in Las Vegas.

Benefits from a Marriage Happiness Retreat

Male Executive, age 32

Private Marriage Retreat

The Marriage Happiness Retreat can help you…

happy couple on couch with laptop image

Here's What You WON'T Get:

NO group therapy

NO fault finding or blaming

The Marriage Happiness Retreat

Get Exactly What you Need to Transform Your Relationship

Here’s What You'll Learn During the Retreat
How to uncover what’s really sabotaging your relationship…

It’s not what you think!

How to heal your relationship from past hurts…

even if you’re struggling with betrayal.

How to deepen your emotional connection…

even if you barely talk with one another right now.

How to reignite your passion and rekindle the romance…

va-va vroom!

How to create peace and intimacy in your marriage…

so your relationship becomes a sanctuary, instead of a war zone.

How to manage conflict and have constructive conversations…

and stop the constant fighting or “silent treatment."

How to increase compassion and feel more understood…

because nobody’s perfect, but you can still have a happy marriage.

How to have a happy marriage for years to come…

because this retreat is just the beginning of your "happily ever after."

You’ll get the attention and focus your marriage needs to get the fastest results possible.

We are having a happy holiday after the private marriage retreat we just finished with D’Arcy. We feel refreshed and have the tools to keep going with the connection we are experiencing. I don’t know how we did it, but we are back in love and communicating better than we ever have.

Couple, ages 38 and 40

Construction Manager and Homemaker
Here's what you get with the

Marriage Happiness Retreat

10 hours Marriage Counseling

You’ll get D’Arcy’s undivided attention focused solely on you as a couple for 5 hours each day during your 2-day retreat.

Fast Results

In just 2 days, you’ll get the equivalent of 5 or 6 months of traditional marriage counseling.


Every couple gets D’Arcy’s undivided attention focused solely on them as a couple.


All retreats are customized to your unique relationship and issues.

Proven Effective

Over 90% of couples who attended her private marriage retreats have said their weekend was transformational, and they are happily married one year later.

Advanced Therapy Methods

The techniques used have been proven to be as high as 90% effective in clinical trials.

(Value $4,000)


You Also Get These Bonuses To Ensure Your Success

Bonus #1

Six Month Follow-up Program

This workbook, included with your retreat, guides you through 6-months of strategic planning and enrichment exercises you can do at home so you continue to grow as a couple. Most couples therapy retreats don’t include a follow-up program to ensure your continued forward momentum. And we believe this is one of the biggest reasons why most marriage retreats fail to have lasting success.

With the Marriage Happiness Retreat you won’t be left to flounder on your own. Just follow the program workbook for another 6 months of marriage enrichment that you and your partner can do at home.

($1,200 Value)

Couple with workbook after private marriage retreat

Bonus #2

Marriage Happiness Couples Assessment

This highly effective assessment helps identify your biggest obstacles so we can spend a couple of days working on the things that will have the most impact on creating the marriage of your dreams. This assessment saves you months of traditional therapy work. And you get it all done before the retreat even starts.

($500 Value)

Bonus #3

Pre-retreat phone consultation
($100 Value)
Pre-retreat phone consultation to prepare for our weekend together.

Bonus #4

Post-retreat phone consultation
($300 Value)
Post-retreat follow-up consultation by phone to ensure lasting happiness.

Bonus #5

Monthly Accountability Support
($500 Value)
Get D'Arcy's insightful feedback when you email your monthly update reports.

The Marriage Happiness Retreat

An intensive marriage counseling weekend designed to fix your marriage fast!

Marriage Happiness Retreat in Las Vegas

(Total Value $6,600)

Today's Price - Only $2,900


Availability is Extremely Limited

I only hold 2 retreats a month so book your retreat today.
D'Arcy Vanderpool, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Las Vegas, NV

D’Arcy Vanderpool, MA, MFT, PCC
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Happiness

About D'Arcy Vanderpool

D’Arcy Vanderpool is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified coach, best-selling author, and nationally recognized relationship expert featured on radio and television. She’s helped thousands of couples over the last 40 years find love and happiness again.

She’s dedicated her career to developing the skills necessary to help couples save their relationships fast. Using Accelerated Couples Therapy, her clients can accomplish months of therapy in just a few days.

Her 90% success rate makes her an in-demand therapist for celebrity and high-profile professionals. And her clients have flown into Las Vegas to work with her from all over the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

“It is amazing to help couples who are ready for divorce turn the direction of their marriage and be in love again.”

Since 1975, clients have benefited from her experience, wisdom, humor, and especially her positive take on life.

When my husband and I started with D’Arcy, I really didn’t think we were going to make it. We entered her office with so much pain, and left with so much happiness and hope. Years later, we are still in the place that D’Arcy helped us find, and we will forever be grateful. We could be her biggest fans!

Couple, ages 46 and 48

Business Owners & Author

Private Marriage Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and Insurance Questions

No. Insurance does not cover marriage counseling, coaching, or retreats.

No.  With so many luxury and affordable options in Las Vegas, it would be impossible for me to offer a travel package that would fit every couple.  Therefore, I leave that option completely up to you to enjoy Las Vegas the way you want.

We have snacks and a light lunch during the retreat. Be sure to eat breakfast and have your morning coffee before you come to my office. You may also bring whatever you want to eat and drink during the retreat. Often couples have a meal after the retreat at one of the many near-by, excitingly-good restaurants.

Even during these trying times, you will find that Las Vegas is still open. Casinos, hotels, and restaurants are still open for visitors.

I am currently seeing clients in my office, and I take all the recommended safety precautions for your health and well-being during the retreat. If you prefer to wait for your retreat, you can schedule out several months in advance.

I’m not even sure Las Vegas knows how to shut down! 

But in the event that your retreat gets canceled due to a government mandated shut down or you have a medical emergency, you can reschedule your retreat without financial penalty. I also recommend trip insurance, which is always a good idea whenever traveling by air.

Your health and well-being is a top concern during the retreat.  That’s why I take all the recommended safety precautions for your health and well-being when we are in sessions.

If you prefer to wait for your retreat, you can schedule out several months in advance.

Yes. To get maximum benefits and results from your weekend retreat, you’ll want to disconnect from your home, work, and all the responsibilities associated with it: kids, email, housework, extended family, friends dropping by, etc.  

This is your opportunity to really focus on each other. Your marriage is worth the 2-day investment. So if you live close by, take a stay-cation and book a hotel for 1 or 2 nights.

At the very least, be sure the kids are not saying with you if you are doing a stay-cation at home. And please put the phones away.

There are no guarantees with therapy, counseling or coaching. Your success will totally depend on your participation and that of your spouse.

So while your results cannot be guaranteed, you can be reassured that 100% of clients who have attended a private retreat with D’Arcy were satisfied.

  • 92% of couples said their intensive work with D’Arcy was transformational, and they are happily married one year later.
  • 8% felt the retreat moved them forward and gave them clarity in their relationship, although they decided to divorce later.  

Yes! I offer 6-months, 0% financing through PayPal credit.

When you click the button to book your retreat, you’ll be given an opportunity to apply for PayPal credit.

Retreat Related Questions

A quick search online will reveal that private marriage retreats with a successful track record like mine are almost as rare as unicorns.

Most retreats are group settings where you’ll received a cookie-cutter program along with lots of other couples. That means your unique issues as a couple won’t be addressed.

It’s just not possible to get the same benefits and results in a group retreat setting that you’ll get in a private Marriage Happiness Retreat.

Most retreats do not offer private, 1:1 therapy with the therapist hosting the event. Instead, you’ll meet just with your partner after having been given instructions on a communication exercise. If you need help you can raise your hand for brief help from with one of their “associates.” And any time you may spend with the main counselor will be extremely limited, if at all.

Another thing to consider is that other marriage retreats are typically in locations that are expensive to fly into, like an island or small town. Or they have very limited amenities for a romantic getaway.

The Marriage Happiness Retreat is located in warm, sunny Las Vegas where you’ll find many lodging and entertainment options for your romantic weekend getaway (when we aren’t in sessions). And you’ll find it very easy and affordable to fly into and out of.

There are a few other retreats around the country that are just as good as D’Arcy’s. But the most important difference is D’Arcy, herself. There’s a reason she’s called “Dr. Happiness,” and you’ll love working with her.

In both the retreat and D’Arcy’s weekly counseling services, you’ll get D’Arcy’s undivided attention, 40-years experience, and her science based methods proven 70-90% effective in clinical trials. The difference is that the retreat is designed to help couples breakthrough their biggest issues much more quickly than is possible with weekly sessions alone: a few days vs months of therapy.

This retreat is for couples in a committed relationship – married or not – who know their relationship needs help – whether it’s just a marriage tune-up, they’re on the brink of divorce, or somewhere in between.

  • Married
  • Newly Married
  • Long-term Couples
  • Married with Kids
  • Blended Families
  • Empty Nest Couples
  • Retiring Couples
  • Long-Distance Couples
  • LGBT Couples
  • Multi-cultural Couples
  • Christian Couples
  • Committed Couples

The Marriage Happiness Retreat is NOT for couples who are just dating, who have experienced physical violence in the past year, or who has one of the partners currently addicted to a substance.

Marriage retreats are perfect for any couple who:

  • Wants really fast results
  • Wants an alternative to weekly therapy sessions
  • Wants to work with D’Arcy but doesn’t live near Las Vegas
  • Wants a romantic getaway in Las Vegas combined with an opportunity to transform their relationship
  • Wants a deeper, more comprehensive experience than what they experience in regular weekly counseling sessions.

Your retreat begins each day at 9am and runs until about 2:30pm on both Thursday and Friday OR Friday and Saturday. (Occasionally, D’Arcy will schedule a Fri-Sat retreat just for you. You have to ask… and bribe with chocolate.)

On Day 1, we’ll discuss the problems you’re having and your goals for this retreat, review the assessments you previously filled out, ascertain your relationship history and critical impacts, identify underlying behavior patterns, and go over initial treatment plans. We’ll also cover beginning and essential communication skills, healing past hurts, and work on building emotional connection and friendship. You’ll leave the day with deeper understanding, positive perspective and some interactive homework for the evening. You’ll still have plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying your stay in Las Vegas.

On Day 2, we’ll go deeper into communication skills and healing past hurts, conflict management, and enhancing intimacy. Before you leave, I’ll help you develop a shared meaning and purpose for your relationship and you’ll leave with a strategic 6-month plan for continued growth as a couple.

Your retreat price includes one or two private, follow-up sessions (by phone or video conferencing) scheduled after the retreat to follow-up on issues and goals from the retreat. Additional coaching is available by phone or video conferencing for weekly, alternating weekly or monthly appointments.

If you need therapy and are outside of Nevada, D’Arcy will give you guidance on how to select a therapist in your home town. Some clients return on an annual basis for a second retreat or a one day intensive. Those who live in town often will schedule Accelerated Couples Therapy or coaching on an as-needed basis.

You will devote a couple hours on our initial phone call and online assessment. After traveling to Las Vegas, you will spend two days enveloped in your relationship with improved skills, intimacy and hope. You will have homework to do for 3 to 6 months, including one or two follow-up coaching sessions by phone or video conferencing. Not too much time to restore your most precious relationship!

I primarily use Accelerated Couples Therapy, Gottman Method, positive psychology, psychodynamic, and Relational Life Therapy.

Other methods I use or hold certifications in include:

Attachment-based, CBT, developmental,  EMDR, emotionally focused, family systems, gestalt, hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems, trauma and complex trauma focused therapy; business, executive, life, relationship and wellness coaching, consulting, and mentoring.

Retreats are not designed for crises, UNLESS you follow-up the retreat with therapy sessions with either D’Arcy or a therapist where you live. A retreat can open things up, putting honesty on the table with as much compassion and kindness as we can create together.

You will be expected to demonstrate empathy and consideration for your partner. The Relationship Happiness Retreat is not an opportunity to say all the meanest things you can muster. It is not an opportunity to blame. It is a place to understand your partner and what YOU have done to make things not be successful and happy. The retreat is an opportunity to learn a better way of being.

Results Related Questions

So glad you asked! As of 2020, 98.6% of couples were satisfied with their results working with D’Arcy.

Here are D’Arcy’s success rates for the last 5 years of practice: 

  • 92% success rate with couples who have attended a private marriage retreat with D’Arcy.
  • 8% of retreat attendees felt the retreat moved them forward and gave them clarity in their relationship, although they decided to divorce later.
  • 96% success rate with couples who attended more than 27 sessions (long-term marriage therapy).
  • 84% success rate with couples who attended more than 10 sessions (short-term marriage therapy).
  • 16% of couples (who attended short-term therapy only) divorced or broke up. Out of those, 1/2 had affairs where one partner did not want to continue together. And in the other 1/2, there was one partner who had a diagnosable personality disorder.

Clients see results by Day 2. Some couples have reported they had the best sex ever after completing Day 1. And 92% of the couples have found the retreat changed their marriage and were still happy a year later. Two couples reported struggling but still together after a year with the individuals happier but still dealing with long-term couple conflicts and forgiveness. The rest are practicing their skills and demonstrating emotional intelligence in their relationship. Like all new behaviors, it takes practice!

The methods I use are science based and proven 70-90% effective in clinical trials.  

In the last 5 years of my practice, my success rate has been:

  • 92% with couples who have attended a private marriage retreat with me.
  • 96% success rate with couples who attended more than 27 sessions (long-term marriage therapy).

Most marriage counselor’s success rates don’t come close to that.

Couples therapy is VERY complicated, and most therapists simply don’t have the specialized training and experience necessary to help couples.  It’s one of the reasons traditional marriage counseling fails to help save marriages.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

My programs are different because I have the specialized training and skills needed to work successfully with couples.  Add to that my 40-years’ experience, and there is little I haven’t seen before AND helped couples work through quickly.

Besides being really good at what I do, I love it, and I will help you laugh your way to mental health and relationship happiness!

Yes.  Here’s what one of my long-term clients had to say…

My Life Partner and I starting counseling sessions with D’Arcy 16 years ago to work on our relationship. Thanks to D’Arcy, we have been happily committed, living together for over 15 years, and married for five!

D’Arcy’s clear insight and straightforward guidance during our monthly Life Coaching sessions helped us understand and resolve such diverse issues as aging parents, family member dynamics as well as professional career opportunities and conflicts.

D’Arcy has become a trusted and valued coach and therapist for many members of our families, perhaps the best recommendation.

Couple 55 and 57

CEOs and Humanitarians

You can read more retreat testimonials here.

Why the Marriage Happiness Retreat is Your BEST Option

If you want to repair your relationship AND you want an alternative to weekly therapy sessions, then the Marriage Happiness Retreat is a perfect choice.
The Marriage Happiness Retreat is a private couples retreat offering 1:1 counseling with D’Arcy in sessions that are personalized to fit your needs.
Unlike other marriage retreats, you won’t be talking with one of her “associates” or receive a cookie-cutter program delivered to a group of couples. 
And unlike most other therapists and marriage counselors, D’Arcy has a proven success record with over 90% of retreat attendees reporting that they are happily married one year later.

Best Of All... You'll Start Seeing Results In 2 Days

The Marriage Happiness Retreat

An intensive marriage counseling weekend designed to fix your marriage fast!

Marriage Happiness Retreat in Las Vegas

(Total Value $6,600)

Today's Price - Only $2,900

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your help and guidance. Your advice and support helped us rediscover happiness together, and for that, we are eternally grateful! We are living together again and communicating better than ever. We spend wonderful times together and are very happy as a couple and family. We “feel “blessed to have found you!

Couple, ages 43 and 47

Healthcare Professionals
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