Resolve to End the Failure of Broken New Year’s Resolutions!

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. No one keeps them. We each have hopes on New Year’s but we experience failures because we don’t really have a plan. Instead I like to set realistic goals in just a few areas of life, with one primary goal and established accountability methods.

This year my goals include a program to improve my health by regular exercise and proper eating. All my other goals are minor in comparison. This is one I am working on each day, gaining power and success with my regularity and purpose. I have spent a lot of good time with assistance from others preparing for this. Now I’m ready to take action on the daily steps.

Outcome goal for December 31, 2015

I am tremendously happy and proud of the healthy body I have created this year by exercising 5 or 6 days a week, eating according to nutritional guidelines, and enjoying the ease of movement and strength I have developed.

Monthly Benchmarks

November Benchmark: I fit into clothes that are 4 sizes smaller than in 2014 and I enjoy my new birthday outfit!

October Benchmark: I’m easily hiking again in Red Rock and Southern Utah and George and I have a lot of fun sharing this activity in the beauty of the outdoors.

September Benchmark: With the end of swimming season I am able to feel how strong my back is and how little I feel my sciatica.

June, July and August Benchmarks: Currently these are unknown.

May Benchmarks: I love the way my new bathing suit looks on the beach and in the air!!!

April Benchmark: I am delighted to share with Sis how healthy I feel and great I look! (Hoping to encourage her…)

March Benchmark: I am comfortable at the gym and better able to get off the floor since before my knee surgery.

February Benchmark: My A1C is below 6, my cholesterol is normal and Dr.H. is happy with all my numbers!!!! And I am thrilled!

January Benchmark: I am learning to enjoy all the vegetables I eat and trying new recipes each week. My taste buds have changed and I am free of cravings. My walking and bike riding are getting easier and I love the effect all this has on George! (And, of course, me!)

Accountability and Actions

I share with my trainer every week and coach every 2 weeks and am very open to the feedback I am receiving. I also get feedback from my scale every week and tape measure every month. I read through my food journals and look at the amounts for each food at each meal.

My carbohydrates are reduced and sugar, bread and crackers, are out of my diet. My fat types and amounts please Drs. A. and L. I am following the food plan the nutritionist designed for me while eating many colored vegetables and reducing my animal protein while still having enough to make me healthy for all my blood numbers.

Select Your Goal and Create Your Plan

I want to encourage you to select one goal, benchmark it for the year, and include how it affects you. Get specific with the actions to take starting out and how you will be held accountable. Notice how I wrote all mine in present time, stating the truth as I am projecting it forward.

Please share your plans and successes with me. Send an email or leave a message. If you want help with this, consider enrolling for my Vision Quest Retreat on Saturday, January 24, 2015 in Las Vegas.
Call 702-242-4222 or email me with your questions or enrollment ($100 individual or $175 per couple.)

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