Express your Appreciation

Expressing your appreciation to others allows them to feel recognized and cared for while it also can bring you closer together. Appreciation shared with a spouse or partner grows the fondness and intimacy. In friendships it strengthens your relationships. With your children your appreciation and thanks builds self-esteem and character. Your bond …

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The Holiday Season of Love

The holiday season is here. I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with wonderment and gratitude. It is such a good time to share what you are most grateful for. A loving family, understanding spouse, thoughtful children, an awesome career, fantastic friends, health, food and drink on the table, great books, entertainment, laughing, crying, …

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Three Tips for Being More Positive

In coaching, marriage counseling and psychotherapy I find many clients whose goal is to be happier. They want more meaning, peace, or enjoyment and they want to get out of their loneness, depression and unhappy life. Some of these people are clinically depressed but most of them are healthy, stressed and dissatisfied …

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