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How to Create More Meaning in Your Life

Research shows meaning and happiness can be at odds with one another. People with the most meaningful lives were “givers.” And those with the happiest lives were “takers.” Creating meaning in your life comes from throwing yourself whole-heartedly into your choices, doing the footwork, and accepting that the results are not …

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Finding Meaning in Life #101

When a close friend of mine died right before Christmas, my reaction went immediately to, “What is the meaning of life? What is it all about? Why bother?” Carol devoted herself to helping others and teaching them to love, as I do. Our careers and callings have been parallel for …

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Retirement ~ the Fourth Stage of Life

One of the joys of Marriage and Family Counseling is that I get to work with scores of  clients about countless subjects. One of my favorites is helping clients design their retirements. This should begin about age 50, but for most it is 60 or even 70. Many of us hear …

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