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What Creates Good Memories or One Wedding, Four Exes, Rain, and No Sanitizer!

BUBBLE OF LOVE I attended a family wedding where people were so loving they joined two families and the extended spiritual family members, not just the bride and groom. The experience of being in their presence and being part of that presence was like living in a bubble of love …

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Is Your Marriage in a Rut?

Are You in a Rut?

It is easy to get in a rut in an old relationship. You have had many years to observe and experience the things your spouse does that irritate you. After a while the irritation often grows into disgust, lack of respect and outright rage at times. When you allow yourself to stay in this rut, you get trapped and the marriage becomes more negative by the day.

But you can change your thinking, if you want these feelings to go away.

Here are 3 Keys that will quickly revive and breathe new life into your marriage…

How to Get What You Really Need in Your Relationship

Would you like a guidebook that tells your partner exactly how to meet your needs and expectations?  Here’s how to start:

Many couples who are looking for help with their relationship can benefit from taking a look at their needs. That includes needs, wants, desires, preferences and requirements. Often I discover issues couples want help with that should have been addressed before the marriage but are just now being looked at.

They are arguing over things that could have been settled years earlier.

Marriage Conversation Skills for in and out the bedroom

Make Conversation Like You’re Making Love

Talking with your partner is like making love to them. Here’s how to tune into them so you’re both very happy.

If you want to fall in love again, you will want to learn how to share and be honest about your feelings, you will have to be realistic and logical without the drama, you will have to learn a few communication rules (like no name-calling), and mostly, you will need to be an awesome listener and responder.

Usually no one teaches you how to do these skills. Here is your opportunity to learn to be the BEST lover, the BEST listener, the BEST responder.

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