The Art of Intention

Move a dream you have from “dreamland” to “intention” and get ready for action.

Make a Clear Decision

Last month we talked about selling the house in 2016 and downsizing to a single story with no mortgage. We have had numerous discussions, going back and forth about it trying to decide which year is the best time to jump in and do it!

This time we decided to do it now so we could get settled in a smaller place and have the opportunity to live a few months at a time in other countries while we had good health and the ability to explore.

Make an Action Plan

We decided that May would be a good time to put the house on the market and we were in good alignment with each other that our plan would be to make repairs on the house, get rid of accumulated “stuff”, and sell or donate furniture from previous downsizing. It felt wonderful to have the ambivalence over and to think about the relief of getting rid of things and following Marie Kondo’s idea of keeping only things that make us feel joy.

Two days after our decision I received a lovely lavender envelope addressed to “Property Owner”. It was from a newly married couple who wanted to live on the water in Las Vegas, wondering if we wanted to sell the house. I sat on the idea for a day and replied by email. I immediately received a response saying they were coming to Las Vegas the next morning and could they see the house? Sometimes the universe responds quickly!

Take Action Toward Your Goal

After repairs, appraisal, many trips to Good Will, the Safe Nest truck and Coleen’s Consignment coming to take away once treasured things, we were ready to accept an offer or put a For Sale sign in the front yard. It is not May yet, but it was really nice getting a swift kick in the –you-know-what to get us moving!

I spent a couple days on the internet house hunting; we decided where we wanted to live and what our requirements were; we looked at our first choice and 3 others just to be sure and made an offer.

Intention requires you to have ambivalence gone, clarity on what you want, alignment with all others involved, and actions moving you toward the goal. You have to put your energy into actions that are your part of the deal so energy is easy to connect. Decluttering immediately was necessary. Calling contractors for repairs was also necessary. The energy was in motion, acting on our decision. AND BUYERS APPEARED.

Hang on for the Ride and Enjoy

Sometimes the serendipity seems to happen very quickly and it can even be overwhelming, making you feel like you will be swept away with the energy. When you are clear and the goal seems to fit with you and timing, things just start to happen. This is twice that I have decided to sell a house and had buyers within 2 days, without telling anyone. I guess I told the universe and energy “heard” me or “knew” my intention.

Choose your goals wisely because your intentions are creating your future life now.

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