Three Tips for Being More Positive

In coaching, marriage counseling and psychotherapy I find many clients whose goal is to be happier. They want more meaning, peace, or enjoyment and they want to get out of their loneness, depression and unhappy life. Some of these people are clinically depressed but most of them are healthy, stressed and dissatisfied with life.

Being blue can change with more positive thinking. I’m sure you have heard it a lot, but that is the truth of it. Barbara Frederickson suggested three ways you can increase your positivity. Her research has shown that you can do these things:

  1. Count your blessings
  2. Follow your passions
  3. Dream about your future

They seem pretty simple, and they are. And her research supports the idea of starting this now, even if you are happy and fulfilled. You can always use more positive feelings.

Count Your Blessings

Keeping a gratitude journal or sharing what you are grateful about supports positivity and helps get you over feeling down or unhappy about the world. Writing three things at the close of the day helps focus you on appreciating what others have done or about the world in general.

Your gratitude can be a simple thing like living in the southwest where you have sun over 300 days a year. You can also share something deeply touching like your godfather paying for some of your college education. Writing about being grateful for your child’s kindness to a friend can be very uplifting. Try writing three things you are grateful for or sharing them with your spouse and watch your positive attitude grow.

Follow Your Passions

Setting goals will work better for you if you pick something for which you have true passion. The goals will be self-motivating and help you through the hurdles and difficult times when you are going after something you really care about. Passionate goals give you motivation and inspiration to move past doubt, fear and struggles and give you the experience of achieving your potential.

Dream About Your Future

This is one of my favorite activities. I’m a dreamer and a visionary. Looking into the future and day dreaming is an early skill I developed! It is something that we did in dancing, sports and also in speech communications. You visualize yourself doing your best at whatever the activity is you want to achieve. The major athletes use it; great speakers use it. The mental rehearsal activates the parts of the brain that would be activated if you did the actual activity. It is a helpful technique to accomplish your goals and feel energized as you become happier and develop more of your potential.

Get Over It

One of my fellow therapists loves to tell his clients, “Get over it!” This should give you the map to do so.

  1. Count Your blessings
  2. Follow your passions
  3. Dream about your future

Then experience yourself thinking and feeling more happiness and fulfillment. Well-being is on the way if you give these a try.

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