Tips for Maintaining a Close Relationship

A successful and loving relationship takes maintenance. No matter how busy we become with life it is important to be sure we are tending to one of the most important investments in our life – our relationship.

Everyone experiences stress and overly-filled schedules providing little family or relationship time. It is up to us all to make time based on real priorities. In my Marriage and Family practice I spend hours a day helping couples focus attention on improving and maintaining their relationships. Here are a few tips to getting the love that you want by paying attention to good communication and emotionally connecting behaviors. You might practice these to create more connection in your relationship.

  1. Be kind and do kind things for your partner on a regular basis.
  2. Take time out to do things together as a couple.
  3. Connect during the day, even if it is only for a brief moment.
  4. Ask your partner questions about how he or she is feeling or how his or her day went.
  5. Tell your partner that you love him/her.
  6. Engage in loving acts towards one another, even if they are small.
  7. Take time to listen to your partner and really hear what he or she is trying to say.
  8. Notice when your partner is challenged or struggling and ask if you can help.
  9. When you are not getting along, attempt to communicate in an effective, caring way to try to resolve things.
  10. Work toward improving the situation if something is not going well in your relationship.
  11. Celebrate your partner’s successes and be a shoulder to lean on when your partner experiences difficulties.
  12. Make necessary sacrifices to improve your relationship.
  13. Make your conversations interesting and engaging.
  14. Laugh together.
  15. Make an effort to be romantic or sexy.
  16. Plan adventurous and spontaneous activities to make things more interesting.
  17. Plan date nights to spend time as a couple.
  18. Spend time planning how to make your partnership better for the future.
  19. Make an effort to build closeness with your partner.
  20. Give love in the way your partner appreciates.

Healthy, happy and emotionally connected couples take time and put in thought and effort to make their relationships successful. What you give in kindness, consideration and respect comes back to you tenfold in love.

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