Values, Actions, and Symbols

Your Values

You might consider values such as honesty, love, spirituality, forgiveness, curiosity, bravery, helping others, health, financial health, learning, wisdom, adventure, humor, achievement, good judgment, perseverance, energy, resilience, playfulness or any of the hundreds you can think.

I chose these values:

  1. Living my life according to what I believe is my Soul’s purpose;
  2. Using everything for my advancement, accepting my “lessons” as a joyful part of my evolution, and committing to my personal growth;
  3. Having loving intimate relationships with friends, family and a significant other;
  4. Mastery and success;
  5. Experiencing beauty in all things;
  6. Longevity, wellness, strength and grace.

How do You Demonstrate Your Values?

Next, what actions do you take to demonstrate these values? What symbols do you have in your home that reflect your values and remind you of them? Here are some of mine:

1. I live my life according to what I believe is my Soul’s purpose.

a. I meditate, stop and pause often during the day and reflect on my purpose, compulsions, interests, inner guidance and dreams. I pray and ask for guidance a lot. I am attentive to what the universe brings into my life.

b. In my home and garden I have gentle reminders: statues of Buddha, St. Francis and Pan; The Crucifixion, Transformation, 2 pieces from The Divine Comedy all by Dali on my gallery wall; various family and other Bibles, meditation books; candles everywhere; a favorite saying about being in God’s hands at the front of my Jacuzzi tub; and another on my desk about how in His infinite wisdom He made the world round so I can’t fall off it when I get too near the edge.
2. I use everything for my advancement, accept my “lessons” as a joyful part of my evolution, and commit to my personal growth.

a. I reflect; I journal to correct my direction, review my errors and set corrections into motion as much as possible. I keep certain loving relationships in my life that are difficult as ways to continue growing.

b. Around my home, I have the most beautiful journals I can find and I have a Borders and Amazon collection of friends in the “self-help” category in my study. I also have a rose garden with many flowers as symbols of growth. I have a ceiling-height plant in my bedroom, originally a $4.95 plant that was a Christmas tree for my son and me over 35 years ago. I keep it as a reminder that I can compost and rise like the phoenix from the bad times and create the good.


3.  I have loving intimate relationships with friends, family and significant others.

a. I communicate intimately with my close friends, some relatives and a spiritual family I have helped create. I spend time relating and having fun with them. I am enjoying my significant others and dedicate time and loving energy to our relationships.

b. In my living room hanging over the fireplace is a lovely painting of a man and woman entwined in their love. I also have a large woodcut of a man and woman dancing and intertwined in grace over the fireplace in my bedroom.. I have a photo collection in the upstairs hall, reminders of fun intimate times. There is a picture from my parents’ foyer when I was a child, my Godfather’s stein, Sterling Silver from my Godmother, toys from childhood, and antique pins from Sis. My home is filled with homemade gifts from friends, rocks from special nature days, rose petals from special dates. In the kitchen, a Moroccan cooking oven from my best pal recalling many breakfasts and workout sessions together; a coffee pot like my other best girlfriend’s, recalling mornings of complete laziness and dreams; books of Italy and France recalling special trips; beautiful wine glasses filled with robust sharing and laughter; and conversation places throughout the house and garden.
Write your Values, Actions and Symbols

I want to encourage all of you to be sure and have symbols of your values as reminders of what is important. The more we live in integrity, the more satisfied and fulfilled we experience life. I’ll give you some time to complete yours and next I’ll share my other three top values.

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