Values Develop Happiness

We want to think of happiness as experiencing positive emotions, having rewarding interpersonal relationships, engaging or being in flow with life, creating meaning in life, and attaining success or achievement.
Happiness or well-being can be developed and built. A great initiative is to make improved well-being an important goal. If you examine your values, you can see where happiness fits. Make it more of a priority and follow the steps you are learning to value it more, making it a necessary and intricate part of your life.


Check the 5 values that are MOST important to you, and then order them by priority with ONE being the highest priority:

___ Achievement – accomplishment, results brought about by persistence

___ Adventure/Excitement – risk, action, fast pace

___ Autonomy – personal freedom, independence, making your own choices

___ Beauty/Aesthetic Value – appreciation and enjoyment of beauty

___ Creativity/Self-Expression – developing new ideas, designs or solutions

___ Happiness/Emotional Well-Being – positive emotions, optimistic, fulfilled

___ Honesty/Authenticity – being genuinely yourself with others

___ Humor/Wit – a sense of humor, seeing things in perspective

___ Intellectual Challenge – learning new things, stimulating the mind

___ Justice/Fairness – treating others impartially, wanting equity for others

___ Knowledge – seeking truth, curiosity for information

___ Love/Family – affection, intimacy, attachment to a family or close community

___ Loyalty – maintaining allegiance to a person, group or cause

___ Morality/Personal Integrity – maintaining ethical standards

___ Nature – contact with or appreciation of the natural world

___ Peace – peace of mind, quickly handling inner conflicts, harmonious environment

___ Physical Appearance – concern for physical attractiveness

___ Physical Health – sound and strong body

___ Pleasure/Fun – enjoyment, playfulness

___ Power/Influence – having authority, power to get things done

___ Quality Relationships – close friendships with honest, loving people

___ Recognition – respected, being acknowledged as significant or important

___ Religious Conviction – activity on behalf of God\Soul’s purpose

___ Safety/Security – protection from threat or danger

___ Service/Helping Others – dedication to others’ interests, serving a cause

___ Skill/Competence – being good at something

___ Tangible Results – see, touch, hear the results of your labors

___ Variety – regular contact with a broad number and type of experiences

___ Wealth/Possessions – ample money for things you want

___ Wisdom – insight, understanding, good judgment

___ Work Productivity – being actively productive and effective

___ Other – something not in this list you want to add to your top 5 values:


I hope you and your family enjoy your sharing of these ideas and experiences in family conversations, perhaps during dinner or before bedtime.

If you are having any conflicts with your values or wondering why you aren’t succeeding, call (702-242-4222) or message me for coaching.

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