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New Ways to Work with D’Arcy Vanderpool in 2022

Last year, I wrote an article on how to improve your marriage in 30 days with Accelerated Couples Therapy, and why I designed this type of fast solutions to marital problems.

The response was amazing; my appointment calendar filled up in just 6 weeks. That was wonderful for my practice, and the couples I’ve worked with since then have been thrilled with how quickly they found happiness in their relationships.

Help for Couples Waiting to Work with D’Arcy Vanderpool

However, this created a new problem: I didn’t have any openings for new clients, and my existing clients had to wait weeks before I could squeeze them into my schedule.

I tried adding people to a waiting list, sending people to trusted colleagues in my area, and even adding additional days and hours to my calendar. But at 70+ years of age, I’m semi-retired. And I knew I couldn’t keep working the long hours I did 20 or 30 years ago.

I needed a way to help couples get started on their journey to a happy marriage WHILE they waited to begin couples therapy with me. So many people need therapy today. I see people struggling with depression, careers, and relationships so much in the stress-filled times that we’re living in. Unfortunately, many therapists have decided to either close their practice and retire, or they have moved out of state.

After thinking about how to help couples on my waiting list, I decided to combine the best methods I knew with a proven format that works.
  1. Gottman Method Therapy – which works for almost everyone
  2. Accelerated Couples Therapy & Positive Psychology – which helps couples go deeper, faster
  3. Small Group Workshops – which provides an intimate setting and enrichment model that many couples are familiar with.
Introducing – Making Marriage Work Workshop with Dr. Happiness

This workshop is a series of psychoeducational classes based on John M. Gottman, Ph.D.’s best-selling book, the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, and it is perfect for committed couples in long-term relationships and those considering engagement or marriage,

Clients waiting to work with me or other therapists can attend the workshop and begin their journey to a happy marriage. They’ll learn relationship skills that are proven to work, and they’ll create more emotional connection and intimacy with one another. Once they have developed these skills, they are able to begin conversations to manage their conflicts.

Gottman Method Marriage Workshop Meets Accelerated Couples Therapy

The Making Marriage Work Workshop with Dr. Happiness is based on the 40 years of research by John Gottman –AND- my own 45 years of helping couples create more happiness in their relationships.

I have a 96% success rate with couples who attend long-term couples therapy. And my two-day Marriage Happiness Retreats have a 92% percent success rate, with couples reporting they are happily married after one year. The Gottman Method reports a 70-90% success rate.

Gottman Certified Seven Principles Leader Badge for Making Marriage Work Workshop - D'Arcy VanderpoolI’m certified as a Gottman Leader of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Couples Program, and much of the workshop is based on Gottman’s bestselling book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. However, I also incorporate Accelerated Couples Therapy & positive psychology to take couples to the next level with in-depth methods for quickly identifying relationship “hotspots.”

Couples are Seeing Amazing Results in Just 4 Weeks

Here is an example of the amazing results couples have achieved with Accelerated Couples Therapy in the Making Marriage Work Workshop with Dr. Happiness. (Names and specifics have been changed to protect individual privacy.)

William and Susie

Will and Susie were retired early, after an extremely successful law related business and 25 years of marriage. But they were very distant and used to arguing with daily battles and little feeling of intimacy and kindness. She was critical, and he was withdrawn. Both were angry, bitter, and hopeless.

After three classes of the Making Marriage Work Workshop, they were feeling friendly, complimenting each other, and learning how to listen and summarize each other’s perspective on previously arguable topics. He struggled a bit with summarizing and she with “I” statements, but they were laughing and wanting to talk about solving their lack of sexual intimacy issues. Their children were pointing out to them how they were getting along better and encouraging them to continue with the classes.

They were having the very best of conversations, felt like a team, and were having happy and enjoyable sex by class #4. At the end of the class, they felt they had changed their relationship from a war to a loving marriage. They were feeling open and excited to be with each other, and they were recapturing the feelings of intimacy and love that were flourishing early in their relationship. They said they were happy to have created their affirming relationship, and they’ve referred several friends to the program! They decided to do a few sessions of marriage counseling after the workshop, giving them experience with mastery and ensuring their childhood patterns were managed successfully.

Who Should Register for the Workshop

The Making Marriage Work Workshop with Dr. Happiness is perfect for committed couples who are willing to be open to the process and work at having kind, emotional connections and conversations.

It is appropriate for couples contemplating engagement, for pre-marital couples, for couples living together, and for couples who have been together or married for decades.

Psychoeducational classes or workshops like this are not appropriate for all couples, including those with severe relationship distress, significant emotional or physical abuse, serious emotional or mental health problems, relationships where one or both partners are actively addicted to drugs or alcohol, and relationships with serious compulsive behavior with gaming, sexual acting out, and other disruptive behaviors.

Check Available Dates and Register Today

Workshops are limited to only 6 couples, so don’t wait!  Click the link below to check available rates and get all the details on the classes and amazing bonuses included with the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you there.

If you would like to work with D’Arcy Vanderpool in a specially designed and presented workshop for your church, synagogue, or organization, please email me at, and I’ll get you started.


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