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Here's what happy clients are saying about working with D'Arcy Vanderpool, MA, MFT, PCC.

We are having a happy holiday after the Private Marriage Retreat we just finished with D’Arcy. We feel refreshed and have the tools to keep going with the connection we are experiencing. I don’t know how we did it, but we are back in love and communicating better than we ever have.

Couple, ages 38 and 40
Construction Manager and Homemaker, Parents of 4

We have had so much continued success since finishing our counseling. We have moved, started new jobs and made other good decisions. I am really excited about the next chapter of our lives. I wanted to say a big “Thank You!” because you really have helped me dig down and see my true husband. You have helped me get through all the tough times we’ve had & I think I would have gone insane had I not been able to see you. So thank you for being an amazing counselor & I truly appreciate all your advice. You were right about everything 100%! Our lives are going in a great direction.

Female, Age 32
Marketing Executive

After the marriage retreat, we felt closer and had the best sex ever!

Male, age 32

Marriage is extremely difficult and after 15 years of marriage and 20 years together, the hurt, resentment, anger, and bad habits took over where love and lust once existed. The choice to begin therapy was a last resort to try and save the one thing we both wanted, us! For years, when we would fight, we would fight “unfair,” throw around the word divorce and take very low blows just to hurt each other. The sweet things we used to do to show we care became non-existent and we forgot to be nice and loving to each other or even take the time to spend quality time together unless it was centered around our kids.

Our first session with D’Arcy was one of the hardest as we were fearful she would take sides or judge us. What we quickly found was that D’Arcy not only called us BOTH out and made us see not only how our behaviors were affecting one another but how these behaviors have been molded through the relationships we have had in the past. Having this awareness was the catalyst for change.

We learned to communicate again and how to not blame each other but to ask for what we needed. We learned that no matter what is happening in our lives we need to stop and spend “quality” time together. We learned to focus on the positives of our relationship and our lives and that by focusing on the positives we were happier with each other and ourselves. We have to work every day to remember to speak words of kindness and we have to make an effort to do nice things for each other.

Marriage will always be a work in progress, and we feel better equipped after having D’Arcy in our corner to not only call out the BS but to also cheer us on in our successes, no matter how small they may be.

Couple, ages 40 and 42

When I began therapy, I was extremely mad at my mother, and I was taking it out on my husband. I didn’t understand that at the time, but I learned that and many other things through my psychotherapy. My husband and I ended up divorced because we were not a good match. But we parted in a friendly and caring way. Since that time, I have repaired the relationship with my mother and become a better mother to my own children. I will be eternally grateful to D’Arcy for giving me the opportunities for much more love in my life.

Female, age 48

I never knew there were rules of communication that could save our marriage. My husband and I saw D’Arcy for about a year and we learned so much about ourselves and our marriage. We had been arguing way too much and even in front of our children. We practiced the homework D’Arcy gave us and grew to appreciate the education we received in repairing and maintaining our marriage. We still disagree but we are respectful and finally act like a team. We really feel blessed to have found such a wonderful therapist.

Couple, ages 36 and 46
Female Dentist and Executive

My poor husband! I yelled at him and berated him for years. I didn’t get that it was about me and not about him. That is a simple concept, but I must have been dense thinking I was always right. Finally, I found a therapist who reached me and taught me. Thank you, D’Arcy, for being direct and compassionate with me. You helped change my life and you rescued our marriage.

Female, Age 47

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your help and guidance. Your advice and support helped us rediscover happiness together, and for that, we are eternally grateful! We are living together again and communicating better than ever. We spend wonderful times together and are very happy as a couple and family. We “feel “blessed to have found you!

Couple, ages 43 and 37
Healthcare Professionals

My husband and I were heading for divorce and discussed the option of pursuing an intensive marriage retreat. We discovered D’Arcy’s website and booked a two-day private session. Upon our arrival, we didn’t have much expectations, but didn’t have anything to lose.

When we met her, we were pleasantly surprised by how she was able to translate each of our viewpoints in the other persons communication style. This makes a huge difference in truly breaking through existing communication barriers. We were also taught methods for communicating with one another and practiced with D’Arcy’s oversight. We discussed both the positive and negative aspects we were seeking in our marriage. We discussed each aspect in great length.

Why D’Arcy’s methods were so effective were a result of both my husband and I trusting her. In the past, my husband and I have been to other therapists which showed favoritism to one of us. This caused one of us to shut down and made any positive changes impossible. D’Arcy was not afraid to uncover both person’s weaknesses impacting the success of the marriage. She challenged us equally to work on ourselves and also gave us many resources for improving our marriage. Towards the end of the retreat, we wrote new marriage promises or vows, and celebrated a new marriage. We were challenged to participate in weekly meetings and given ample resources.

It’s been nearly two years since my husband and I met with D’Arcy. Most recently, we visited her again for a check-in because we have not found anyone with the same caliber and effectiveness as her. Overall, we cannot say enough good things about our experience with D’Arcy. We will continue to make the five-hour drive to Las Vegas in order to take advantage of her guidance.
Thank you.

Couple, ages 34 and 36
Business Owner and Manager

It’s been a long and continuous journey to fight for a happy marriage. We had been married for a few years, climbing the corporate ladder, and having two kids along the way. But during this time, we began to be distant from each other, focused on anything but each other. I began feeling bitter towards my husband and looking at a life separated from each other. We were the couple that could co-exist, work together for the kids, but never take an interest in each other’s day. We were not a loving team.

We began counseling as a last resort with D’Arcy to win back our love. After a year of dedicated appointments, tough discussions, and exercises we came back to the love we had. Five years later we still see D’Arcy to maintain those lines of communication, focus on each other, and be better parents to our children. We still keep our bi-weekly date nights, continually focus on communicating our love to each other, and utilize the exercises she gives us. While we are in a “maintenance mode” we have seen through the years that we can quickly get off track so continuing periodic appointments is something we enjoy.

D’Arcy is fair and see’s both of our sides. She calls us out when we try to give excuses and helps bring to light what each other needs as well as what we need to do. We look at D’Arcy as an investment in us, a way to fight for us, and we enjoy the results!

Couple, ages 36 and 48
Hotel Executives

We came to D’Arcy when it seemed that our world was falling apart. We were married over 20 years and had a relationship crisis that stemmed from problems in just about every life domain–marriage, employment, mental and physical health, and child-rearing.

First, she helped us deal with our crisis and understand that our love and commitment to each other remained. Then she gave us tools to communicate better and problem-solve as we re-built our world together, our way. She helped us both stop considering about what other people thought we should-could-would do… it’s freeing!

D’Arcy is positive, easy to talk to, and compassionate. She has helped us gain insight into having a healthier, happier life, and we highly recommend her counseling services.

Couple, ages 61 and 58
University Faculty and Clinical Social Worker

In early 2017, we contacted D’Arcy for pre-marital counseling. My then fiancé and I were discussing marriage, but we knew we had some significant issues we wanted to work through first so we could have a healthy marriage. D’Arcy came highly recommended by a friend who had also done pre-marital counseling with her and highly recommended it.

We met with Darcy, and within the first meeting – YES, the first meeting – she knew what our problems were and how to address them all. She made sure we listened to each other and that our opinions would not fall on deaf ears. From here, we discussed our issues and concerns about marriage and our relationship.

Here is where Darcy seriously helped us. She was able to effectively show us where each was being unreasonable, where compromises needed to be made – without sacrificing core important issues or feelings. I had been to therapists before. Each meeting was intended to explore inner feelings to get to the heart of the matter. With Darcy, she knew the issues in our first session. She helped us in 0.3 seconds (or somewhere therein), instead of dragging us through 5 or 6 sessions.

From her counseling, we came away feeling happier and more empathic towards one another. Her counseling helped relieve tension and brought back loving feelings, yay! There were some tears at times, and ill-feeling arose from past pains, but we got past all that.

D’Arcy taught us how to communicate – to own our emotions. By doing so, we were able to break down the barriers that stood between us, to get back to our loving selves and be ready to love each other once again. We learned how to ask for what we wanted in ways that would not offend the other, how to tell your partner they are doing something that hurts and how to soothe the hurt or apologize.

D’Arcy is a complete professional. She is timely and terrific. Her tenure in the business, along with her knowledge and experience, helps her cut right to it – and helps you in the most desirable way possible. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her. D’Arcy is genuinely the way towards a happy relationship.

D’Arcy is your key to finding happiness in YOUR relationships, whether as a parent with a child or two people in love, or maybe just trying to figure it how to deal with another person. She is a seasoned professional who has most likely counseled the issue you are experiencing with countless others who are and have experienced the same.

She knows how to cut to the chase – as they say. She has had so many experiences with so many others that she recognizes the problem in a blink-of-an-eye. Thank you, D’Arcy. Thank you for helping our marriage stay healthy and loving; you have strengthened our bond.

We love you!

2nd marriage pre-marital couple, ages 52 and 46

D’Arcy has been inspirational and motivational in my healing and path toward being the best version of myself. I was married for 25 years, father of 5; one day the marriage had ended and the kids were grown. I looked to find ways to fill that void, always being unsuccessful.

In January of 2019, I had realized that if I was truly going to start the next chapter in my life, I needed the tools and guidance so when I got there I would be prepared and not make the same mistakes again.

I’m happy to say that I feel as if I’m the best version of me that I have ever been. I still have a long way to go, but I wouldn’t do it with anyone else but D’Arcy.

Keep in mind this testimonial comes from someone who never felt they needed help from anyone.

Male, age 52
Regional Manager

In just three sessions we have learned so much and have some great tools to help us navigate through the situations resulting from my husband’s ADD diagnosis.  And I do mean GREAT tools.  Just meeting you made us realize there is hope for our marriage.  I’m glad that we came to see you together because I heard you say things that “got to me.”

My Husband wrote out a few words too: “Thank you for helping me. I’ve made progress and know I can’t take anything for granted.  I act too fast, blurt and interrupt, but I now feel the consequences of my actions.  It is an everyday problem and I can’t stop working on improving my marriage.”

Thank you again for your help.

Female, age 70
Retired Executive and Homemaker

My husband and I were heading into a direction that I felt could not be recovered. It was the typical story, married almost 10 years with kids and high-power jobs driving us apart. I knew we had to do something first before deciding to divorce. My first meeting with D’Arcy was alone. She gave me hope and comfort knowing what I was feeling was normal, but by taking this step we could save things.

She coached me on how to approach my husband to go to counseling. He agreed and after every session we began to see our love come back again. She had us confront our issues in a way we felt comfortable, positive, and how we could come to a happy medium. We love our appointments so much that we continue to see D’Arcy for coaching so we do not end up in the same place. She has truly saved our marriage and extended our love story.

Couple, ages 38 and 42

You have helped me so much over the last seven months, and I will be forever grateful that you took me under your wing when I was in crisis. Your expertise has changed my life, and me, forever. I am in such a better place than I was, and you have given me tools to navigate my way to a life that is in alignment with my beliefs.

While our sessions may not have been “fun” in the traditional sense, I learned so much from the process and genuinely looked forward to every appointment. It has been a tremendous experience to learn so much about myself with your help, i am grateful to have found you and benefited from your talents. 🙏

Female, age 48

I felt like D’Arcy easily and quickly understood my current internal and external challenges in life. She provided the insight and guidance necessary for me to feel empowered to act in the ways necessary for me to get out of my rut and move forward. Due to her support, I feel very hopeful and confident of future success and happiness after making major life changes in my personal life and career of 25 years. I am still managing my way through life but now with a lot of optimism.

Male, age 50

When I started therapy, I was despondent. I had lost all hope of a better future. D’Arcy’s far-reaching compassion gently guided me until l felt a light of hope somewhere inside. Through all the peaks and valleys, D’Arcy never let go. She believed in me until I could believe in myself again. Baby steps lead to a hospitalization where I was able to detox from a lifetime of anxiety medications.

Despite the physical obstacles I face daily, I look forward to another day. A day and night full of hope and experiences I never thought possible. I have better relationships with my family and children, close friends, a small business I love and enjoyable hobbies that now fill my life. As I enter the third stage of life, I can honestly say I am excited what my future holds. I will be forever grateful.

Female, age 58

D’Arcy was a wonderful help and offered tremendous insight in terms of relationships and individually as well. I learned a lot about the mistakes I made in my relationships and new things I can do to be a better man. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done. I will definitely refer to D’Arcy and always keep her in mind. I will do my best to keep things well with a new person; however, D’Arcy will be the only one we see if that’s not the case!

Male, age 35

The journey of marriage counseling is at once terrifying and painful, yet ultimately completely transforming. When my husband and I started with D’Arcy, I really didn’t think we were going to make it. I was developing my “exit plan” and my husband was about to start anew. After a few months of time, however, D’Arcy’s gentle and loving manner changed the way we communicated with each other, and woke us up.

We entered her office with so much pain and left with so much happiness and hope. Years later, we are still in the place that D’Arcy helped us find, and we will forever be grateful. We could be her biggest fans!

Couple, ages 46 and 48
Business Owners

I was referred to D’Arcy by my best friends. I was in such a depression, drinking way too much and having several affairs. I felt my personal life was disastrous while my professional life was flourishing. D’Arcy had extensive experience in the field of relationships which, combined with an insightful, straight-forward, no-nonsense approach, made her a perfect choice for me. I’m forever grateful she had the patience to help me face my reality. She was the right therapist to help me get through my personal journey as well as getting my marriage back.

Male, age 59

D’Arcy is right on, an awesome therapist. My husband and I have so much to appreciate in one another, truly. It must be why we’ve been married for nearly 28 years! D’Arcy’s enriching feedback and intuitive help in such a brief time was amazing.

Female, age 66
Retired Professional

I want to tell you it is a pleasure it is to work with D’Arcy. I appreciate her insightfulness and am moved by her humanity. I learned a great deal about my potential and have divorced, focused on my children, and created my own fulfilling life. I am thrilled to have my own business and to be teaching dance again! D’Arcy makes me feel so much lighter and uplifted every time I leave her office!

Female, age 37
Business Owner

D’Arcy coached me about 6 years ago (time flies) and I have to thank her for all of the help she was to me in that period of my life. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without it. So thanks from the bottom of my heart. I’m doing really well: D’Arcy helped me get through my confusion, depression, and difficulties with my employees at work. She helped me refocus on a new career and empowered me to achieve more things of importance to me. I’m re-married (3 years) to a fantastic man and have the job of my dreams.

Female, age 33

This private Life Design session was exactly what we needed for our business right now! D’Arcy has done so much – more than we could have ever imagined! We will never be able to thank her enough!! A special thanks for just listening to us! We have SO much going on and just to hear her perspective and words of wisdom meant so much to both of us. We respect D’Arcy so much – and love her even more, so please know how much she helped and mentored us.

We will make our goals – we have faith and confidence in our abilities. Sometimes it just takes looking at our circumstances from a different angle to appreciate what we have done so far – and to help build confidence (by the evidence) that we have what it takes to become even more successful and happy. D’Arcy means the world to us! P.S. 2 years later: we made our financial goals and won honors for our leadership!

Couple, ages 48 and 55
International Business Owners

After marriage counseling with D’Arcy, we made a decision to stay married. We thank her for her help and advice. She has been great. I will refer anyone that needs couples counseling to D’Arcy.

Female, age 28
Dual Working Couple

My Life Partner and I starting counseling sessions with D’Arcy 16 years ago to work on our relationship. Thanks to D’Arcy, we have been happily committed and living together for over 15 years.

D’Arcy’s clear insight and straightforward guidance during our monthly ‘Life Coaching’ sessions have helped us understand and resolve such diverse issues as aging parents, family member dynamics as well as professional career opportunities and conflicts.

D’Arcy has become a trusted and valued coach and therapist for many members of our families, perhaps the best recommendation.

Couple, ages 55 and 57
CEOs and Humanitarians

D’Arcy helped unlatch the lock which formerly held me in an unhappy and motionless life and career. Now, I’ve completed my PhD, I’ve met the love of my life, and I am excited about growing older and experiencing the world with my eyes open!

Female, age 36
Medical Researcher

My experience with you has been extremely positive and productive. You are competent, caring and compassionate. I highly recommend you as a life coach.

Male, age 39
Real Estate Developer

D’Arcy has been my personal coach for about 8 years, and I have had a TREMENDOUSLY positive experience with her. Her professional expertise has assisted me GREATLY in both my personal and professional life. I recommend her most highly, and without reservations, whatsoever!

Male, age 55
Attorney and Counselor at Law

Based on my very positive response to a workshop presented by D’Arcy, I took advantage of the complimentary coaching call…what a good decision! D’Arcy’s superior business acumen and highly developed coaching skills are true north; she is able to blend consultation and coaching most effectively. Her vibrant style encourages and uplifts you, while her sense of humor makes discussing both opportunities and challenges an enriching, creative experience. Thanks, D’Arcy. I’m looking forward to the long view!

Health Care Technology and Consumer Health Consultant
Bethesda, Maryland

When I attended this Happiness seminar, I didn’t really know what it was that was not “right” in my life beside feeling discontent and unhappiness. It turns out that I was lost from myself and I needed a guide to help me orient my soul back to me and to choose a direction that would bring meaning to my life.

This seminar was the turning point in my life where I was able to construct the steps necessary to see that change was possible and to feel hope again. It was the best thing I ever did. I found the love of my life; I never knew love could be so wonderful! The kids are excelling, my relationships have grown and improved, and I am on the path to a new and wonderful career.

I am opening up a veteran farm where soldiers can come for PTSD treatment and receive vocational rehab so they can go on to work on a farm or start their own farms. I am getting so much support on this dream already. I am so excited. Everything has transformed, I am a better person and my life is now filled with great meaning and joy. Thank you, D’Arcy!!!

Female, age 45
Professional and World Traveler

I attended D’Arcy’s last Happiness Retreat in Utah. I was in a very difficult time in my life and really needed the retreat. It helped me so much; you have no idea how much it changed my life for the better. I would really like to have my two daughters attend the next one as I know it will help them as it helped me.

Female, age 51
Healthcare Management

Thank heavens for D’Arcy and her strong goal orientation. I had been thinking about crafting new 5-year goals. Then, with D’Arcy’s excellent example, I knew I could get them done. The Connecticut School of Broadcasting awarded me a 50% scholarship to attend their 4-month program. How else was I going to achieve my goal of becoming a media personality? Just think about it, before I met D’Arcy, I was a measly researcher. Now I am on TV and radio and present all around the country teaching others how to imagine their future and take tiny steps toward it. Thanks for the retreats!

Female, age 49
Motivational Speaker and Author

D’Arcy had a retreat where we did many types of goal setting, vision boards, and visualization. My visualization was of having a house on the water. I was not hopeful about the prospects since in our area it would cost too much. But I followed D’Arcy’s plan. I did what D’Arcy said, and asked for it. Now we have it. My family and I thank her for the encouragement. It’s a dream and a humbling thought.

Female, age 52

I have attended D’Arcy’s workshops and retreats over several years. You’ll like D’Arcy for her consistent, precise and effective training and leadership. And she also makes her seminars a lot of fun.

Female, age 43
Healthcare Professional

I think D’Arcy is helium for the soul.

Female, age 60

Your expertise and compassion shine through in your work. I love the spiritual feeling I get around your Healer. It is wonderful to watch you work with DID clients.

Kamala Allen, Ph.D.
San Diego, CA

D’Arcy – Cool blog. I look forward to seeing more.

Bill O’Hanlon, M.S.
Psychotherapist, presenter, developer of Solutions-Oriented Approach
Prolific author (30+ books), Becoming a Published Therapist; The Change Your Life Book; Quick Steps to Resolving Trauma; Do One Thing Different; Solution Oriented Therapy

I would like to thank you also for being my first introduction to coaching, way back when. Looking back on my new book…I am really pleased with it and am glad that so many people are finding it useful.

Robert Biswas-Diener, Ph.D.
“The Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology”
Author, Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching: Assessment, Activities and Strategies for Success;
Author, Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth;
Author, Positive Psychology Coaching: Putting the Science of Happiness to Work for Your Clients

I believe we should all wish D’Arcy a Happy Mother’s Day and thank her for the mothering she’s done for hundreds, no thousands of hurt and neglected “kids.”

Male, age 76
Retired Psychologist


What a wonderful presentation to our Resource Group!

The kudos are already starting to pour in. Here are two that just showed up:

  • Wow, Gayle-She’s really special…Thank you for introducing me to her.
  • Wasn’t she a great energy pill?

Your handouts, your articulate presentation in logical steps with great examples, plus the humor and wisdom made this one of our best seminars ever.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us! When the word gets out, you’ll have a great audience for the Thursday group in May.

Best wishes on your ongoing projects. I’m so glad we’ve kept in touch!

Appreciatively and admiringly,

Gayle Scroggs, Ph.D., PCC
Essence Coaching
MentorCoach Faculty

Your sharing was the cherry on top of my hot fudge sundae, D’Arcy.
You are a dynamo and whirling dervish of positivity…

Thanks for giving me the idea for a daily accountability for myself. Every day I WILL re-read a tenet and pick a toolbox activity or two or three to whet my appetite for more learning.

Thanks for the gift that you are, D’Arcy, the delightful. I appreciate you and admire your brilliance and beauty enmeshed. Lovely!


Judy Krings, Ph.D. PCC
Coaching Positivity
MentorCoach Faculty

I highly recommend D’Arcy. I was fortunate enough to be associated with D’Arcy over ten years ago at Mentor Coach. She is smart, kind, and has an amazing way of bringing about success through her work.

I led support groups for students in her classes and personally saw that her focus was always on a positive outcome for each student.

Her mission is to change lives. Anyone would be fortunate to have an opportunity to work with D’Arcy.

Nelda Choate, MA
Triage for Business

D’Arcy, I just wanted to share this with you. I was sorting books today and came across “Bouncing Back-thriving in changing times”. At first, I asked: “Why do I have this?” Then I remembered, “I think someone I know wrote part of this.” So, I checked the “Table of Contents” and read your contribution.

About half-way through, I remembered reading it before. It was helpful to me then and helpful now in putting aside negative thoughts and disappointment, hurt and anger stemming from our relationship with our son. Thank you. I’m going to keep it handy and read it occasionally so I try to keep myself on the right path. Also, I used to journal and am thinking of returning to it, particularly a gratitude journal.

Just thought you might like to know that your work continues to touch lives, even 4 years after publication.

Female, age 62
Retired Attorney

When I signed up for D’Arcy’s class, “Foundations of Coaching”, I had no idea what kind of experience to expect. D’Arcy’s warm welcome, fresh and astute ideas, organization of lecture material, and expert demonstration of coaching techniques, soon inspired me to participate in every class! Each class was uniquely fascinating and inspiring, and I knew that if I missed one, I would miss a lot!

D’Arcy consistently handled our class’s difficult questions on confidentiality, insurance, ethics, niche marketing, virtual groups, change processes, and so much more, with style and ease. I have always been impressed by her high standards, warm presence and deep focus. Her class far exceeded my expectations, and I feel that I owe her a debt of gratitude for inspiring me to learn so much!

In a remarkable way, she taught me powerful coaching skills that I have used successfully to help real clients to move ahead with their life goals, to easily organize and conduct a virtual group, and most importantly to have my business underway! I am so proud of these personal achievements!

I found D’Arcy’s teaching, coaching and inspiration so important to my development as a life coach that as the Foundation’s Class ended; I signed up with her for her next group. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have done so as she continues to inspire me toward my development of seminars, and the exploration of other coaching avenues.


Bonnie C., MPA, B.S.S.
Life Refocused, LLC
Harrisburg, PA

D’Arcy provided professional services as a coach to me for approximately one year. She provided insightful, valuable and very helpful coaching on a full range of issues from personal to professional development, organizational to individual improvement and technical to managerial enhancement. Ms. Vanderpool’s coaching was also beneficial in facilitating the transition from one senior management position to another and in the development of an internal training program.

Mike S.
Engineering Manager
Las Vegas, NV

D’Arcy and her team of coaches provided services to our agency…of approximately 115 employees… (when we merged from two agencies) for approximately 15 months… The services provided consisted of individual executive coaching for the department’s management team and also included monthly training sessions for the entire group…

I was certain that our employees would experience an adjustment process, which inherently comes with any major organizational culture change. Similarly, I knew that without access to, and understanding of, the tools available to our employees to effectively deal with such change, the merger would be, at worst, a disaster, and at best, the creation of a mediocre agency, ill-equipped to adequately serve the public.

Ms. Vanderpool and her team certainly had a daunting task placed before them… They were asked to take a group of individuals (many of whom would transition out, and others in, during the process — not making their jobs any easier) who had little or no management training, and were coming from an under-funded, understaffed, and under managed organization, and create a cohesive, innovative, respected, professional management team. No doubt adding to the challenge — my expectations were high.

D’Arcy served as my personal coach. From an individual perspective, I can say that D’Arcy served as both a sounding board (which is often difficult to access as the leader of an organization) and a prompter of thought, without providing unsolicited advice, which I both respect and appreciate. My personal experience was certainly a positive one.

From a broader perspective, my expectations were met, as well. I could write volumes concerning the experiences of our team over the past year, but I will not. I will say that when I now use the word “team” to refer to our group, I use it truly in the manner with which it was intended, and I also include D’Arcy and her colleagues as part of that team.

It would be misleading to suggest that there have not been many challenges and hurdles along the way. If our organization, both as individuals and as a team, did not experience these challenges, I would question the need for the kind of coaching I was seeking for our management team in the first place. That said, we have grown as a management team by orders of magnitude over the past year, and I do not hesitate to suggest that that is, in part, due to the efforts of Ms. Vanderpool and her colleagues. In fact, I will be placing a contract renewal before our elected board for consideration.

Christine Robinson, Director
Department of Air Quality Management
Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been most impressed with D’Arcy’s ability to grow in a profession she has been in for many years. She is always looking for ways to improve the services she offers to others. She is an excellent coach, interacting with clients in a positive and supportive manner. She is professional, ethical, and compassionate. She is quite outstanding in her intuitive abilities and uses that to assist her clients in a powerful movement forward… She will continue to make significant contributions to coaching.

Anne D.
CEO, Certified Coach Training School
Washington, DC

I must say that D’Arcy was very attuned to my style, values, goals, etc. She is one of three coaches that I hired for myself… I found D’Arcy to be the most accepting, inspiring, and motivating. I found her to have high energy, a great sense of self, and success oriented. These were all of the qualities that I wanted in a personal coach. As a coach, I found D’Arcy to be intelligent, creative, with a good business sense. She consistently encouraged me to trust myself, my decisions and even my process with difficulties.

Terry O.
Director, Counseling Center
Brookfield, WI

I was privileged to have Ms. D’Arcy Vanderpool as my personal and executive coach… I initially “met” D’Arcy as a result of her accepting an invitation to speak to the virtual executive coaching class I was taking… I was simply so impressed with her uncommon openness, enviable centeredness and seemingly unlimited generosity that just radiated from her.

My wife and I were planning a vacation to Las Vegas, so I contacted D’Arcy to request her to meet with us which she promptly and so graciously accepted. Out of that came my further request that D’Arcy be my executive coach. I found her to be motivating, caring, knowledgeable and just a delight to work with. D’Arcy’s style is so engaging, non- threatening and yet powerfully effective. D’Arcy’s expertise was readily apparent as she would not only assist me with getting in touch with my own resources, but also seemed to never lack for wonderfully creative and practical suggestions.

Jerry O.
Physicians Placement Services
Brookfield, WI

From the first time I heard D’Arcy speak I found her to be capitvating, knowledgeable and understanding. As my teacher and coach she helped me work through some of the difficulties and confusion surrounding my decisions as to what was most appropriate for my coaching business. She is a great listener and has a knack for pulling out what is best in me.

She brings with her a wealth of knowledge stemming from professional and personal experiences which I believe only enhances who and what she is: a fine human being with much to offer. She has a unique way of blending her practical real-world sharpness with leading edge thinking while sharing ways for me to gain more control of my coaching business while balancing my personal life.

She has a tremendously positive attitude and sincerely wants others to turn their dreams into reality. I highly recommend D’Arcy.

Rosemarie M., MA, LMFT
Executive/Personal Coach
Philadelphia, Pa.

Thanks, D’Arcy, for the fun in our coaching class. It always amazes me how you think so quickly and can come up with unique ideas.

Eileen B.

Thanks for making my participation for the class assignment such a pleasant, painless, and rewarding experience. There is definitely forward movement, which I am most grateful for. The assignments for this class have been crucial in helping me take forward steps in my career.

With deepest gratitude,

Sam K., PhD
Licensed Psychologist: Business, Executive, Professional Development And Personal Success
Baltimore, MD

You are awesome. It is a pleasure and an honor to watch you teach and coach. I am in for the long haul with you and this awesome group!!

Michelle F.
Professional Coach
Chicago, IL

I know you are an excellent trainer, but I didn’t know about everything else you do. It was delightful to read about you in Ben Dean’s newsletter this week. We are blessed to have you as our instructor.

With warm regards,

Lupe G., PhD
Coach and Consultant
Corning, CA

You did such a great job in leading the pod and going not an extra mile, but an extra 10 miles, in continuing to meet with us to further our development and learning. I really appreciate your dedication, professionalism, and just plain caring about us. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you.

D’Arcy, you have been a wonderful leader and facilitator. Thank you so much for all you have given us and particularly going way “above and beyond” the duties of the course.

Philip R., Ph.D.
Ellicot City, MD

You are amazing!! … Thank you, D’Arcy, you were a STAR!! They loved you … who wouldn’t!!


Anne D.
Washington, D.C.

I haven’t thanked you for all you contributed to our class. I have often reflected on your relaxed style that made it safe for these “seasoned” professionals to learn new material. I also appreciated the way you made all of us feel like we truly were part of something more solid than I could have imagined weekly phone calls would create. Again, thank you for the contributions you have made in my move into coaching.

Renee F., PhD
Psychologist and Coach
Lynchburg VA

D’Arcy is a fabulous coach and facilitator – warm, soulful and inspiring. She has a deep vision and great gift for helping others build meaningful personal and business lives.

Carol S., PhD
Personal and Professional Coach
Libertyville, IL

D’Arcy gave me the tools to mine the diamonds within myself. D’Arcy shaved light years off my learning curve with her fast forward coaching. She seemed to know just what I needed even before I did. She gave me answers to questions I didn’t even know enough to ask.

D’Arcy helped me go from living a good life to living an excellent life. I have lots of good work for good pay and time for my family and hobbies.

Susan R., PhD
Professional Speaker, Author, Leadership Coach and Psychologist
Ellicott City, MD

D’Arcy provided expert coaching and guidance in the area of my personal relationships, at a time when assistance was desperately needed. Her unique and multi-faceted approach ultimately empowered me to discover harmony in all relationships. Simultaneously, she magically inspired the search for self realization. Her presence was life changing…

Lynn N.
Inventor/Steadicam Operator
Las Vegas, NV

I have worked with DArcy personally as she coached me successfully through a transitional period in my career. What impressed me most was that she was interested in me as a person first and then as a client. She is a professional of many skills and a human with much wisdom. Thanks, D’Arcy.

Ann B.
Marketing Consultant
Tucson, AZ

What I loved about working with D’Arcy was her unique intuitive ability. She was able to provide just the right combination of encouragement, emotional safety and inspiration that have enabled me to take risks that I thought were impossible.

Jane F.
Owner and Moderator, Virtual Community
Portland, OR

You envision abundance and it is fulfilled! You exemplify that living in love, not in fear, abiding by strong principles, and giving to others begins to bring an abundant life. D’Arcy I cannot begin to tell you how influential you remain in my life even after much time has elapsed.

I am presenting a workshop to a conference of Human Services Activities Professionals later this week. This would never be happening had it not been for your coaching and encouragement. The topic is “Motivation: Stoking the Inner Flame”. I was hired for this while I attended a writer’s workshop. Right after this another “job fell into my lap”.

It is still unbelievable to me how being positive and spiritual in life is the beginning of abundance. D’Arcy, thank you for all of your positive influence and counsel. I am positively grateful to have been part of your class and in your group. Thank you. You are phenomenal, visionary and a highest level expert in the coaching world! You have given me more than I can say.


Bonnie C., MPA, B.S.S.
Life Refocused, LLC
Harrisburg, PA

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