How to Create More Meaning in Your Life

Research shows meaning and happiness can be at odds with one another. People with the most meaningful lives were “givers.” And those with the happiest lives were “takers.”

Creating meaning in your life comes from throwing yourself whole-heartedly into your choices, doing the footwork, and accepting that the results are not fully within your control.

Creating meaning is about having goals, being in integrity, applying your passion, using your strengths and helping others.

There are three things that give my life its deepest meaning: my personal, philosophical and spiritual evolution; my freedom; and the opportunity to be of service assisting others in lifting upward.

The Details

Importance in our lives comes from having purpose and giving something to others that help them and the world to become a better place. It seems to be about loving and leaving a legacy. In addressing how to put this in your life, I came across many possibilities offered by science, psychology and writers with myriad ideas. Here are a number of them:

  1. Become a better listener
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others
  3. Connect to your own inner wisdom
  4. Do something that makes your soul sing
  5. Let go of guilt
  6. Be the weird one!
  7. Stop playing by the rules. Some people find that the meaning of life is to have a career, get married, and raise a family.  Others, follow a different drummer
  8. Step out of your comfort zone. The term comfort zone is code for a place you live in yourself without fear
  9. Find your joy
  10. Listen to your intuition
  11. Appreciate individual moments
  12. Build close relationships
  13. Work through problems in your current relationships
  14. Be compassionate
  15. Make donations
  16. Search for a new career
  17. Be courageous
  18. Find your purpose or significance
  19. Choose wholeness over happiness
  20. Be intentional
  21. Embrace mindfulness and self-reflection
  22. Dare to take risks
  23. Put your heart on the line
  24. Believe that you are significant
  25. Set daily goals
  26. Help others
  27. Belong to a group
  28. Give your work purpose
  29. Craft your story and end it with redemption, not contamination, and become the superhero of your life
  30. Be aware of transcendence: nature is big; your problems are small

Where You Might Start

You might start by belonging to a group of people who matter to you. For me it is family. Another group is the group of therapists I work with. Another very important group is my book club. These are three different groups who love and accept me and we look forward to seeing each other on a regular basis.

More on giving your work purpose next time.

Do It!

Life can be hard. But remember, while the difficult moments may decrease happiness, they’re essential for building meaning. And that’s what matters in the long run. Have a great month for building meaning with your tribes.


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